Hotels - Night of the Wedding?

My wedding is September 8th, and due to one issue and another, I haven't been able to reserve a room for our wedding night until now. My favorite place to stay -the kennedy school- is completely booked, and it feels like every other hotel that isn't a massive corporate chain is either mile-high expensive or booked as well.

Does anyone have any recommendations for local hotels? I'm willing to go outside of Portland, I'd just really prefer not to drive for two hours... >_<

ETA: I'm looking for a place to stay that isn't a best western or a shilo inn, that costs less than $200. Maybe this is an impossible dream...I honestly have no idea. >_<

Re: Hotels - Night of the Wedding?

  • Where all have you checked?  The first places that come to mind for me are downtown - The Nines, Hotel deLuxe, Hotel Monaco, Vintage Plaza, RiverPlace, the Mark Spencer, the Benson...

    You could also check the other McMenamin's properties.  Edgefield, Grand Lodge, Hotel Oregon, does Cornelius Pass have hotel rooms?
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