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Help with Invitation wording!

Ok so i know this is a minor detail but I'm very concerned about it for some reason...so my parents are divorced and neither is remarried, my FI parents are still married (a strong 36 years!)  everyone is hosting the wedding my parents, his parents, and we are contributing too....so how should i word this ... my mom is very against grouping she and my dad together which is what one of my coworkers suggest.  any ideas? anyone else in this situation?
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Re: Help with Invitation wording!

  • We have the same problem. We are saying "Together with our Parents." It makes everyone happy, and feel like they are included.
  • Both mine and FI's parents are divorced. I did 
    "Dad Name" & "Mom Name" 
    together with 
    "FFIL Name" and "FMIL Name"
    invite you to the marriage of their children

    Not sure if that works for your mom or not. My dad is actually re-married, and I'm close to my stepmom, but I decided it wasn't appropriate to put her on the invitation and my dad seemed fine with that. Luckily, she's pretty laid back and has told me to ask for whatever but that she's staying out of the way so as not to step on my mom's toes.

    I spent more time on the response cards!! Trying to figure out how to word the accepts/regrets. I'm ready to order these things already.
  • You can do "Together with their families/parents" etc.

    If you look at some invitation websites they show you different ways you can have them written, and if you find one you like you can use it, or slightly modify it to exactly what you want.
  • Well found out today that the FMIL and FFIL are completely against not being actually "named" on the invitation (I was just going to do we along with our parents) so i guess it will have to be "mothers name and fathers name along with FFIL and FMIL Winter so yup guess that one was decided for me!! Thanks for the input guys
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  • If you are naming everyone, don't list divorced parents on the same line, as that implies they are married to each other. Are your parents remarried? If so, ask them whether they want their spouses (or unmarried SOs) listed too. With just parents, though, of everyone is hosting it should look something like:

    Bride's Mom
    Bride's Dad
    Groom's Mom and Groom's Dad

    Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children....

    OR, if your FI's parents are ok with being listed after your names, it could look like:

    Bride's Mom
    Bride's Dad

    Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter

    jesslamb830's FI

    son of

    Groom's Mom and Groom's Dad

    Although that way it does look more like just your parents are hosting. In any case, I would run both of these options by both sets of parents to see what they think.
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