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Lapsed Catholic, Back in the Fold and no Clue...

The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways! Long story short, my FI and I were introduced by a mutual friend. Mutual friend was my first boyfriend waaaay back when and lived down the street from me. We lost touch through the years and rekindled our friendship on Facebook, Later that year, he aked me if he could give his BFF my phone number, since he knew I was single and had wanted to start dating now that my children were in their teens/early tens, and I said yes. FI and I hit it off over the phone and met in person the next day. We've been together ever since. The cool thing is that me, FI and our friend all ran with the same crowd, went to the same schools, and FI was always at our friends house down the street, but in all of these years FI and I had never, ever met.

Our engagement became official this past Christmas season and I feel so blessed. He is a wonderful father to my girls and a wonderful man to me.

Both of us are lapsed Catholics, although he and I attended Mass spordically in the past and do now. We have decided to return to The Church, and are planning a Nuptual Mass, and my former marriage has been annuled. Our desire to have the sacriment has led us back to our Catholic community and Mass, we have found (in our own way) a new hunger for The Lord. It is just so...amazing. This peace of soul that I feel.

The thing is, and I know that the wedding is 9 months away but I'm in Nursing School and have to use my breaks to plan, I have no clue what music to pick! I know I want a Te Deum for the recessional, I know that I want Schubert's Ave sung, but other than that I have no clue. Deacon mentioned that secular music is out, but that was in reference to my wanting my processional to be to Nora Jones' cover of Love Me Tender (it's gorgeous!).

So, can you ladies help with suggestions as to music? Also, do you think that a blessing from our priest on our new blended family, after the vows, is a good idea?

Sorry for the short novel, and thanks in advance!

Re: Lapsed Catholic, Back in the Fold and no Clue...

  • Welcome to the board and welcome back to the church!  That is such wonderful news!

    If you will check out the second sticky at the top of the page, Riss has designed a really helpful website with music selections that several brides on this board have used.  Did your parish give you a sample music CDs?  I don't know how common that is, but mine did and it was really helpful.  Our processional songs were "Largo" from The Four Seasons and "Alla Hornpipe" from the Water Music Suite.

    As for the blessing, I think that sounds like a really sweet idea, but I'm not sure where it would fit in.  I'm sure your priest could help you with that (or someone on the board better versed in liturgy than I).
  • Welcome to the board and Home to the Church!

    Ditto Prof on the sticky on the top of the page. I would also suggest talking to your music director and, if you have them, flipping through the hymal (or songs in the back of the missal) of your parish to see if anything stands out. You will probably need vocal songs for the presentation of the gifts and communion.

    I'm not an expert, but the family blessing does not sound quite proper to the liturgy. You can certainly include it as an intercession in the Prayers of the Faithful, but only your priest can tell you for sure whether the blessing would be allowed.

    Again, congrats on your engagement!
  • I'm happy that you & FI found each other again!

    Welcome to the boards and feel free to ask anything, anytime. 

    The knot is have IT problems this weekend but it should be better later this week.
  • Perhaps the priest will bless your family at the rehearsal.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Lapsed Catholic, Back in the Fold and no Clue...</a>:
    [QUOTE] Also, do you think that a blessing from our priest on our new blended family, after the vows, is a good idea? Sorry for the short novel, and thanks in advance!
    Posted by Lizzieyounce[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Welcome, Lizzie, and congratulations on your engagement and coming back to your faith!  I'd agree with the other ladies that a blessing for your family would probably fit in the prayers of the faithful (but these are usually subject to deacon/priest approval) and would work best at the reception if your priest or deacon is able to attend!  That said, there's a beautiful nuptial blessing that is already typically a part of the Nuptial Mass (after the Our Father and before the sign of Peace)... the text of which is<strong><font color="#0000ff"> </font><a style="text-decoration:underline;" href="" rel="nofollow"><font color="#3366ff">here</font></a></strong> (<<clicky).

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