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Need Honeymoon suggestions- likes, dislikes and budget included

Ok... My FH and I were planning to honeymoon in Greece but our wedding is July 31, 2010 and thats peak season. The pricing will be THROUGH THE ROOF.

- cultural sights and food
- beaches
- amazing views

We hate-
- the typical places

Price range 6,000 and we'd like to go for about 10 days.

We were considering European locales but in August, the beach areas are packed.....

Thoughts?! TIA!!!

Re: Need Honeymoon suggestions- likes, dislikes and budget included

  • I'm not sure what its like in July, but have you looked at Phuket?  The flight is long and expensive, but once you're there, everything is cheap, including the luxury resorts.  The beaches are amazing, and there is a lot to do culturally in Thailand.  FI and I looked there for our honeymoon (we also looked at Greece).  Unfortunately, we can only take a week for our trip, so we decided to stay a bit closer to home.
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  • Try www.europeandestinations.com if you haven't already. They do packages for multiple sites in Europe, including Greece. You can add activities, change hotels, and see what's available.

    I've used this exclusively, so no other ideas.

    Good luck.
  • How about the South of Spain ending in Mallorca?  I did that 2 summers ago and it was just beautiful, Mallorca can compare to the water of any Caribbean place, but has the culture you want....
  • We are honeymooning in August and had the same issue.  Ended up choosing Hawaii, but almost picked Barbados - sounded like a cool mix of colonial European and natural beauty... check it out!
  • kpasckpasc member
    You could check out the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  

    Sounds like you want to avoid lots of tourists?  I would stick to Amalfi or Positano, they won't be as busy as Sorrento which is the typical Amalfi Coast destination.  Both Amalfi and Positano are easily accessible by boat or by bus to Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, etc.

    Also, if you really want to cut down on budget, you could stay in Atrani, which is a 20 minute walk from Amalfi, just around the other side of the cliff.  It is less touristy and more authentic, but I think there is only 1 or 2 places to stay in that town (smallest in Italy).

    Views here are amazing, especially if you take the bus anywhere, as you drive right along the cliffs, and can see into all the lemon groves.  There is also the Sentiero degli Dei which is a walk along the top of the cliffs.  And of course you are close to Pompei and Vesuvius.  

    Beaches here are mostly little pebbles not sand, but your feet get used to it pretty quickly.  
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