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Eloping to New Zealand

We live in San Diego, and even though it's a great place to live ( I doubt I'd ever move), I don't want to get married in here. Crazy, some might call me... but I'd rather elope to New Zealand. Some place that my fiance and I want to do. Does anyone have any knowledge on the subject of eloping to New Zealand or any other destinations? Overall is it worth it or would it be best to tie the knot quickly at a court house and spend the honeymoon traveling around New Zealand? If you have a legal ceremony in New Zealand, is it legal in the States? 

We don't have a very large budget, and we'd much rather splurge on the honeymoon, but there's something exotic about being married on top of a peak in New Zealand. I would appreciate any input! 

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Re: Eloping to New Zealand

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    I eloped to Australia, so similar, but not quite the same. I did not reget any of the decisions we made and it was an experience I'll never forget. We got married along the Great Barrier Reef and then HMed on another island along the reef. I would do some research on Google to see what the marriage requirements are in NZ or if you find a resort, contact them to see what their requirements are. Our marriage is completely legal here in the US. I just sent for my Australian marraige cert and then used it here to change my name.


  • New Zealand is SUPER gorgeous. I was just there in March (2012). 

    Here is the gov site for marriages in NZ 

  • I would love a trip to New Zealand, I think you eloping is so fun and romantic!!  Even if you get married legally at home, you can always have a symbolic ceremony in new zealand!

    i hope you stick around, I'd LOVE to hear about your adventures out there!

    Congratulations and welcme to the board!
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