To invite the in laws to bridal shower?

My bridesmaids are throwing me a bridal shower, to which I'll invite my female family and friends.  My fiance's sisters are also being nice enough to throw me a separate shower to invite the groom's family and family friends.  My question is, do I invite the female members of my finance's family to the bridesmaids shower?  I'm fine either way I just don't want to a) insult them by not inviting them, or b) offend/annoy them by inviting them to a second shower (where they might feel like they have to get a gift even though they wouldn't).  I will of course invite finance's mom, just not sure about the other female family members.

There's already some touchy-ness about fiance's family's involvement (shocker!) so I want to do the right thing.

Thanks for the help!

Re: To invite the in laws to bridal shower?

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    You have it right - FI's mom should be invited, the other women in FI's family don't have to be, unless you're particularly close to someone.

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    Yes, they should be invited. My mother in law loved to get to know more of my family and friends prior to the wedding. If you invite them, it allows them to make the decision if they would like to attend.
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    agreed. I went through this w/my babyshowers. The more the families meet, the more relaxed they are around each other
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    Always err on the side of inviting your in-laws. If they do not wish to attend than the decision is  up to them. It is better to include them and make them feel as if they are wanted at the party.
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