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ring advice needed, please!

Hi, Ladies.

Do any of you know anything about buying wedding bands on amazon?  Are their prices fair?  Would you recommend using them, or can you offer any other ideas (besides local jewelers)?

I'm looking for a white gold size 12 men's band that is around 6mm wide, 14K or possibly 10K, NOT just a solid finish, but with a little detail and NO gems.  Something like this, perhaps...

...or something with grooves going around the ring instead of across it.

Any advice would be appreciated.  :-)

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Re: ring advice needed, please!

  • Amazon is a trustworth site, but I've never bought jewelry from them. As long as you check the return policy and make sure its amazon and not a seller. If they will allow you to return it I'd say it would be ok. Is there a reason you dont want to buy it locally?

  • Having worked in the jewelry industry, I would absolutely recommend going to a privately-owned, non-chain jewelry store for your wedding rings.  Why do you not want to go to a local jeweler?

    I'm a big fan of supporting local business & real people in town.  Plus if anything were to happen to your rings, you have an actual, face-to-face person with some accountability to help you out.  Customer service tends to be much better when a business depends on their reputation to survive.

    Sorry that this isn't the advice you're probably looking for, but it's all I have to offer.
  • if you're ordering online anyhow, check out prices are fantastic and you can find some really nice rings on there.
  • I guess my issue with local stores is that their rings seem so much pricier than the ones I have found online.  I would love to find something here and support local business, but I'm just not finding anything in my budget at the stores I have checked out here.

    If I do go local, it will probably have to be a chain (like Zales or Kay), because the privately-owned ones are definitely more expensive.
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  • If you are trying to save money, don't laugh but I recommend Sam's Club if you live near one, or  Amazing prices on wedding rings, the lowest I have seen
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  • I would check the price on It's a San Francisco-based store. We bought our rings in person, but they do most of their business online. My husband's ring cost 1000$ less than other jewellers were charging! (1400$ vs 2400$, plus no tax if you can mail it out of state)
  • We just got his wedding band from Overstock and we love it.  Also, we did lots of comparison shopping and they had the best prices. 
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