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Invitation Question

Okay, maybe I'm stressing too much but I have a question about invitation wording.

Our ceremony is at 2:00 pm at a church.

The reception starts at 6:00 pm at a different location.

I am working with the arist on our invitations and right now the invitation has all the standard wording (our names, who is hosting, church information, times, place) and then at the bottom of the invitation it says "Dinner and Dancing to Follow."

I like the "Dinner and Dancing to Follow" at the bottom because it adds color, but....
it doesn't really follow, does it?  There's a few hours in between.

We have a reception card also, but my question is can you put that it follows or should I remove it and just include the reception card?


Re: Invitation Question

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    I would remove it. Unless the dinner and dancing are directly after the ceremony (like, 4pm ceremony with dinner and dancing to start at 5pm at the same location), I wouldn't say 'follow'. Are you trying for a more casual feel to the invites by wanting to add it? Maybe there's another way to accomplish that.
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    You could always word it as " dinner and dancing to follow at 6pm
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