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Air Mexicana PSA

Today. at 7 p.m. 6 days from when we leave on our honeymoon we received an email from CheapTickets where we bought our plane tickets at least 4 months ago telling us that the airline we booked with has filed for bankrupcy and our flight is no longer in exsistence. Our flight to get to mexico. GUH. Now we are on hold waiting to see if they can put us on another flight or how in the heck we can get this fixed.

NOT what I wanted to deal with since I'm running around packing up my car and getting everything ready to leave tomorrow. This is so crazy.

Just wanted to let anyone else know who might have booked with them to check out your flight info and check with your ticket company. Hopefully this isn't a huge problem :-/

Re: Air Mexicana PSA

  • Oh my gosh!  Is Cheap Tickets giving you a refund?  I'm sure you can find another flight (I know that options for us were Continental and AeroMexico to fly to Cabo San Lucas).  Best of luck - deep breaths and a glass of wine!
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  • I just saw this on your fb! Eck! Im sorry!
  • wow! That is horrible.. Hopefully cheap tickets gets you tickets on a new airline for no additional charge. I'd be pissed.

  • Aw, that sucks!  I hope CheapTickets can work something out for you - not the kind of stress that you need added to everything else. 

    I can't believe they could just file for bankruptcy and so quickly have flights get cancelled.  Don't you think it would be a long process and they would have time to warn you?  Boooooo Air Mexicana!!!!

  • sunshine - They've been cancelling flights anyway.  The FAA downgraded all the Mexican airlines.  The airlines don't meet international safety regulations (concerning security checkpoints, and possibly how often they retire planes) for the level they were at.  It doesn't necessarily mean they're unsafe though - there are airlines from the Ukraine, Indonesia and Israel in the same category.

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  • Oh crap!  Best of luck to all impacted by this.
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  • Figured it out....American Airlines is waiving booking fees and giving 20% to mexicana customers. We got to book another flight for $200 less, oh and we are staying an extra day in mexico, but now just have to wait until Dec. to get a refund from Mexicana.

    Sucks but its the best case scenario, thank god!
  • Oh good, Lia!  Glad everything worked out!!  So sorry you had to deal w/ it...


  • Thank goodness!  I'm so glad it all worked out...shewwwww
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  • I'm glad to hear it worked out, but boo on Air Mexicana. Also, remember to call the credit card company that you bought the tickets with. I know for sure Amex works really hard to get your money back ASAP and I think Visa Mastercard does the same.

    Our friends went through the same thing going to Hawaii a few years back and Aloha airlines went bankrupt so they rebooked with ATA which went bankrupt a few days later. Amex got all their money back to them within a month.
  • Oh gosh! So sorry to hear you have to go through this.
    FI and i had to cancel tickets to SC back in may and cheap tickets was actually really good about refunding.
    Best of luck!
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  • Make sure you keep up on everyone on this,  cheap tickets and the airline.   I rem reading a article like this and thats how I heard it. 

    There are a few on CNN like this
  • Glad it worked out Lia!
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  • This happened to us too, we were booked on Mexican and our travel agent called us last week with the news.  Luckily funjet rebooked us on United airlines for no extra charge.  
  • lia, thankGOD you got that all figured out!  i was panicking for you!!!  we are taking american to mexico too.  i think it is better to go through this headache than to get on an unsafe airplane, dont you think???
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