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September 2012 Weddings

Is it acceptable to get married on a Sunday?

My fiance and I have a specific day that we were thinking we'd like to get married. We want to  be married in 2012, and in this year our "Date" will land on a Sunday. Would it be a put off for a couple to be married on a Sunday? We will likely be marrying in a chapel at one of our favorite casinos in Vegas so the venue will not be a problem. We both come from Catholic backgrounds and are wondering if this would be offensive to members of our family that are more devout church goers.
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Re: Is it acceptable to get married on a Sunday?

  • I think you can get married on any day of the week that suits you.  I am getting married on 9/2/2012, a Sunday.  We've told all family/friends and so far no one has had any issues.  It helps that its a holiday weekend but I personally have plenty of family who are devout church goers.  I think for this one day they will make an exception and miss church.  I'm considering doing some type of prayer since my uncle is a deacon in his church but its kind of iffy because FI's family is primarily Catholic and Lutheran.  We are Baptist.  Either way, I'm sure it won't be an issue if that is the day YOU choose.  Those who want to be there will be there, just give them a heads up.

    good luck to you. 
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  • i think sunday's a fine day for a wedding! i would have chosen to have mine on a sunday but my venue is about an hour away from where the majority of my guests live so i didn't want to burden them with the hassle of traveling.

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  • We're getting married on a sunday. I think it's totally acceptable. :)
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  • Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! Somehow something this big makes you question every step you take. My mind is now at ease about at least one decision :) SUNDAY IT IS!!!!
    "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" ~Anonymous~ "It is far better to be small and *Shine* than to be big and cast a Shadow!" ~Anonymous~
  • As someone who used to work at a hotel that did weddings all the time, Sundays are typically MUCH cheaper for receptions! Also, since Friday and Saturdays are more "common" or "popular" you might be able to negotiate for a cheaper rate for a Sunday since the reception venue may not have a large event planned for Sunday. Go for it! Plus, I think that Sundays are much more relaxed and laid back. I do agree with one of the other people who posted above me that you may want to plan it for earlier in the day so that people aren't out super late and then have to get up for work on Monday. Good luck and happy planning! :)
  • I am getting married on a Sunday 9/9/12 and saving money by doing so!
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