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Ways to honor deceased parents

My parents passed away (Father 2001, Mother 2007). I'd like to honor them both during our ceremony and reception. Any suggestions? We are having an outdoor ceremony, so I don't think candles will work. Thanks.
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Re: Ways to honor deceased parents

  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I really feel that less is more when it comes to memorials at weddings.

    Personally, I'm a fan of a simple note in the program remembering the deceased, and the bride carrying small photos, her parents' wedding rings, etc. in her bouquet.
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  • one of my brides is using her deceased father's wedding band during the ceremony.

    personally, I like having "charms" on the bouquet that are significant, and their wedding rings would be a great thing to tie into the ribbon on your bouquet. I've also seen girls tie in lockets with pictures.

  • HeatherBobHeatherBob member
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    I think adding something into the program about your mother & father would be nice. I personally am having the celebrant announce for a moment of silence to remember my loved ones who could not be there on my special day - but whatever works for you is what you should do. It should be something you consider special.
  • I am having two heart shaped wreaths made out of roses placed on either side of the wedding gazebo (side that faces the guests) and putting a special note in the wedding programs detailing the memorial wreaths.
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  • something said by the Officiant of the ceremony -- perhaps a moment of silence to honor the people that have passed and could not be with them on the special day.
  • Both FI and have lost one parent respectively.

    To honor them, we are having a votive on each side of the Unity candle; the BM will light one and MOH will light the other..
  • I think a charm on your bouquet and having the officiant ask for a moment of silence for those not with you is appropriate for the ceremony; for the reception I would suggest a small bouquet at the bridal table to remember your parents by.

    As PPs said - less is more.
  • My husband carried a long stem rose as he walked down and then placed it on the first empty chair closest to us in remembrance of his grandfather that had passed.

  • My FI lost his mother 3 years ago and I lost my father almost 2 years ago we are leaving the first chair on my side and my grooms side empty with a single red rose with a photo attached. Our minister will take a moment of silence in honor of our lost parents. Then we will have memorial candle at the reception.
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