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October 2012 Weddings

Cute things the little ones in your life say...

A couple of weeks ago our FG asked her mom " So, who am I going to marry at this flower girl wedding"

Then when I saw my nephews, my oldest who is four, said to me "Aunt Kimmie, Where does Nola live?" (she is our FG)  I said "She lives in ____________, its about an hour away from you. Why" and he says "Because I don't want to marry someone who lives too far away"  lol
Kids are soo cute.

Have any cute kid stories you want to share?
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Re: Cute things the little ones in your life say...

  • The pastor at my church has 7 children. When the oldest got married, he asked the youngest boy to be the ring bearer. They measured him and on the wedding day, he walked in to find his little tux all laid out on the bed. He took one look at his mom and said "But Mom! Where's my bear suit?!"

    Not my story, but it makes me laugh every time.

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  • Our RB did something similar. FMIL has babysat him since he was 6 wks and he came in one day and told her that he just can't find a bear costume to be the RB and he guesses he'll just have to wear a suit with no bears. He ALSO wanted to know who the girl was he had to 'look after' because that's what we had told FI's cousins little boy who was recently the RB for a wedding in April. We told him it was his responsibility to look after the FG and I guess he told Cohen about it and so he wanted to know who he had to look after...keep in mind he's only 3 going on 4 and starts school this year. OH and another one..I swear when he gets down to the end of the aisle he's going to do Ric Flair and yell out Whooooooo! I'm here! Because FI was joking about it and Cohen overheard it and started doing it. Lol

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  • My nephew who is my RB and is 5 is totally going to steal the show and I love it. The wedding happens to be on his birthday, so he thinks this whole party is really for him - which I think is great. We are doing a Bday cake and whatnot at the rehersal for him. Anywho, when we first got engaged and talked to him about being the ring bearer, he was so excited for the wedding his response was... "Great. This Friday works for me.. lets do it Friday". What a ham.

  • My best friend's 3 year old asked me to marry him, I told him I couldn't because I was marrying FI.  I was like you don't want to hurt his feelings right?
  • Not wedding related at all, but my nephew LOVES the Big Bang Theory theme. Now when he sees me watching the show, he goes and grabs my laptop and comes out with it, asking for "bang" :P
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