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May 2010 Weddings

May 1st ladies!!!

Tomorrow is 5 months exactly!!!! I'm so excited that time is going by so fast! I just want to be married to fi already!
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Re: May 1st ladies!!!

  • I was just going to post this too! I can't wait. I'm getting a little nervous- never thought i would. Normal, tho, right?
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  • It seems alot closer now, then it has before.
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  • I agree I am getting nervous it is going by so fast. I need to finish addressing my STD's tonight so we can get them out!!!
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  • I've been freaking out haha! I can't believe in 5 months we'll be married and I'll be moving away from my family! It's so scary, yet exciting all at one time. We've got so much to do as well! At least we got a home thank God! Any tips on handling stress and not wanting to back out? I wanna marry him, I'm just scared of not being around my family especially since my Mamaw is very, very sick and we're not sure what may happen or when. If anyone has any advice, all is needed here! Good luck to all of you!!!
  • Catbella - love your pic in siggy!!

    I am enjoying this process, and have been blessed to have had very little drama surrounding the wedding planning.  I am 37 and never married.  To quote Charlotte York (of Sex and the City fame):
    "I've been dating since I was 15.  I'm exhausted.  Where IS he?!"

    Now that my best friend and the man I spent my entire adult life waiting for has finally arrived, I'm going to revel in every moment, because we won't get a chance to do this ever again.

    Happy planning to all!!
  • Every monthly milestone is so exciting!!! But I'm starting to feel a little bit of pressure too... I went to the bridal store this weekend to try and find another bm dress (since I ended up hating the swatch of the one we chose before) and she stressed me out with the whole timeline talk... Time just seems like it's flying and I need to get organized because in my head, I think that I have a TON of time and in reality, it's not as far off as I feel like it is...


    Here's to FIVE MONTHS until we are married women!  omg, we are going to be WIVES!!!! Is this still a strange thought for anyone else? lol
  • Yay May 1!!  Time is definitely flying by!  I feel like the month of December is lost because of the holidays so once the New Year rolls around, things are going to really move fast.  I try not to think of all of the things that need to be done but it's starting to get a little overwhelming.  We'll make it through!

    And just think...we'll be the first ones to tie the knot on this board!  hahaha  Talk about pressure.  I can't wait though.  It's going to be absolutely fantastic!
  • Happy 5 months officially!
  • Hello Ladies,

    Wow, 5 months to the date and all of us will be newlyweds. As exciting as it is, I feel so stressed. We just bought a house and ever since that happened, all of our money and time has gone into the house. I starting to freak out that I wont have enough time to get everything ready and have the money for it. My best friend tried talking to me about it but she just doesnt understand what I am going through!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH.... Good luck to all of you ladies in the next 5 months!
  • Happy 5 Months Ladies!
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  • So exciting! I just mailed out the STD's today and can't wait to start getting invites ready! Yeah!

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