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Do you agree that weddings are recession proof?

Re: Do you agree that weddings are recession proof?

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    I was watching Say Yes to the Dress and some lady had just been laid off and still spent $5,000 on  a wedding dress.  Now I agree that all of the story wasn't given, but that still seems extreme.  I think that I might have been willing to spend more on the wedding if we were not in a recession.   However, now I'm concerned with keeping my savings account as high as possible.  
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    I think that weddings are somewhat recession proof but they are affected by the economy. The article says that people are scaling back. For the most part though, I think people are still getting married, or at least engaged still...look at this board!
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    People are certainly scaling back.  No one's going to stop having big weddings, but I think they are trending towards smaller and less lavish affairs in this economy.
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    I know people are doing more DIY stuff, or cutting back in other ways, but with how much money people spend on the average American wedding, and how much the industry makes, I'm sure people won't stop spending money on the big day. Just maybe less of it.
    Really, there is always going to be the things people want: The "perfect" dress, the location you've always wanted, the parents who want their child to have the wedding of their dreams, etc. 
    Night swimming in the ocean= pretty sweet reception!
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    I think people continue to get married, but I think the amount they spend probably decreases in the recession.
    He pretty much had me at "hello".
    -- PS I agree with whatever Jeana said --
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