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South Asian Weddings

So many South Asians - Anyone else planning a multi-day wedding?

Alright ladies, I know many of you are just browsing these threads... it's time to start posting!

Any of you planning a 2,3,4,5 (ahhh.. or 7) day wedding? 'm technically planning a 4 day wedding - mayoun (girls only and around 6 days before our wedding day), mehendi (day before the wedding), wedding and reception. In total, we have 5 main events - because my FI is having a separate mayoun.

Anyone else struggling to make sure everything goes JUST RIGHT on each day?
A few months ago I was freaking out about EVERYTHING - thankfully, I've calmed down ALOT. I think it's because I finally got my wedding dresses!!! And I'm done booking most of my vendors.

Who else is planning multpile days and how are you holding up??


Re: So many South Asians - Anyone else planning a multi-day wedding?

  • You've got a lot of good thoughts coming from me!!!  I barely held it together for our American one here.  As for the one in India, as it gets closer, I'm so happy my mother-in-law is handling it!!  We ended up knocking a few days off over there just because it was too hard, but we're doing mehendi one day ,  a day off and then the reception.

    I would say make sure you have a couple of good friends who you can turn to for help.  I'm sure they are there, waiting to be asked.
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  • Aww thanks! :)
    When is the one in India - hope it goes perfectly! :D

    Yup, definitely leaning on my sisters, mom and friends ALOT! :) They've been great so far... a little over 5 months left, can't wait!!
  • Well, we had many events, although they were spread out...

    Here we had the usual thing:  rehearsal the night before, wedding ceremony and reception, and lunch for OOT relatives the day after.  So 3 days and I was already tired.

    Three days later we flew to India (the Monday and Tuesday in between DH had to travel for work, so I was exhausted from all the shopping and packing when we got on the plane).

    In India we took three days to get to my ILs' village.  That night they held a pooja to welcome the bride into the home.  The next night they had a reception involving dance performances (Bengalis don't typically have dancing, which is I think why this was a separate occasion).  The third night was the official reception.  The fourth night there was a dinner/reception (not a full-on 200 people, but a good 50 at least) at DH's grandmother's.  Two days after that we had our Kolkata reception.  We then had a short break (five days), to finish visiting in Bengal and get to Jaipur, where we had the mehndi followed the next day by the ceremony and reception.  So 6 days of events, but spread out over 2 weeks (we were in India 3 weeks altogether).

    I can't even tell you how exhausting it was!  And over there you don't even have to do any work, nor do people expect it to be a professional and smooth production like they do here.

    BTW do you have pics of the dresses?
  • Wow that sounds exhausting! How did you keep it together - kudos to you!

    We do have "smaller" parties (gah by smaller I mean 50-80 guests) happening prior to the main week of celebrations but those are hosted by other people sooo I don't have to worry about planning those - THANKFULLY! :)

    I'm pretty sure I'll be exhausted with the 4 that I do have to plan...
    there is one day "off" between our wedding and reception, but that's because it's tradition for the bride's family to bring brunch to the grooms home.. sooo it's not really a day off :p

    I'll prob post pics of the dresses once the events take place!
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