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Alfred Angelo BM Dress Color Issues

So I had my bridesmaids pick different styles of Alfred Angelo chiffon dresses and ordered them all in the same color (purple).  The employees at the store I went to told me that I needed to have all of the girls order their dresses from the same store all at the same time so that they would come from the same dye lot and match.  So we went ahead and did that.  

I picked up the dresses on Friday and the purples clearly do not match!  How could that be?  Has anyone else had this problem?  What can I do??? 

2 of the dresses are the same color, and the other 2 are the same color, but those two colors do not match each other... I considered going with the colors not matching, but they need to be more different for that, because right now there are clearly pairs, and I feel like that would be awkward.  

Any ideas? I can't lose any more sleep over this. :( 

Re: Alfred Angelo BM Dress Color Issues

  • JaxInBlueJaxInBlue member
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    Are the dresses different fabrics?  Different weights and types of fabrics will hold color differently.  My bridesmaids dresses were chiffon over satin.  Alone, the satin was a really bright blue, but with the chiffon over it, the blue was toned down. 

    Without seeing the dresses, it's hard to tell if other people would notice the difference.  You could talk to the store and explain your concerns, particularily since they encouraged you to place one order at one time.  If your date is correct, you have about 6 months, which could be plenty of time to reorder. 

    If you can't reorder (or if reordering would be costly for your bridesmaids), I would do your best to let it go. Work with it however you can - maybe add a common sash? -  and its likely that with different shoes and accesories, plus bouquets, it will be less obvious.

    ETA: I read too quickly.  If they are all chiffon dresses, without different materials under the chiffon or lining it, and you are unhappy, I'd definitely talk to the store.

  • Yes, they are all chiffon dresses with the same fabric underneath.  And what's funny is that the fabric underneath matches EXACTLY.  It's definitely the chiffon that is different.  

    The difference in colors is visible enough that my FI and father both could tell, and they are stereotypical guys that would commonly not notice slight differences.  

    We have to wait until tomorrow to call the store, but I'm just so worried about how to handle this.  I don't know whether to play up to the different colors or to try and mask it...

    Thanks for your suggestion.  I'll definitely start with working with the store.  I'm just amazed that I can't find anyone else online that has had this same problem... 
  • It's usually because the were made at different times. Even though they were ordered together, the factory/warehouse had two in stock and made two more, or some combination as that. It is remotely possible that they used the chiffon with the hand down on two and the hand up on the other two. That type of thing happens occasionally on velvet or corduroy, where it is really visible. Best if you take them all to the store together, if you can, so they can see their error.
  • Take the dresses back to the store to show them the differences and ask if they will re-do two of the dresses.

    I'm personally really bad at that type of thing, as soon as they tell me no I say,"Okay, Thank you."  and live with simmering resentment.  Do you have a never-take-no-for-an-answer relative or friend?  My mom will demand things, and gets what she wants, so if you have someone in your life like that, take them with you.  The salon should be able to fix it, especially since you did everything they asked.

    Good luck!
  • I have the same problem dtbluv - that's why I've been so worked up about this. 

    I actually made my fiance call and discuss things with the people at the store.  It's all worked out - All I have to do is take the original dresses back to the store and they'll take care of the rest!  They'll send them back to Alfred Angelo and get them remade and be sure to specify that they all need to be from the same dye lot and bolt of fabric.

    I'm just amazed that I haven't found others that had this problem, but at least it should get fixed!!!!! 

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom and encouragement - I nearly had my first big bridezilla moment over this. :\
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