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Hotel blocks

I'm planning to block off rooms this week... I"m only planning to do it at one hotel, because that hotel offers a shuttle to/from our reception venue.  The group rate would be $89/room.  It is a Sheradon 4 Points hotel and I was very pleased with the lobby, hotel bar, rooms, and amenities when I toured it.  

A couple questions... 

1.  How many rooms do I block off?  I counted 118 OOT invites that I'm sending (not 118 GUESTS; at least twice that as each guest is invited with at least a date, and we're inviting children as well).  Do I block off that many rooms?  That seems like quite a lot... 

2.  Is it ok to only offer the one hotel choice?  We thought the price point would be ok for our family/friends, but not sure if we should offer more just in case.  Also, it;s the only hotel in the area that does offer the shuttle.  If we choose more than one hotel, do I print somewhere (on the invite, on the website, etc) that only the Sheradon offers the shuttle and not the other option? 

3.  Are you guys staying at the same hotel as your guests on your wedding night? 
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Re: Hotel blocks

  • We don't have nearly that many OOT guests, and so we only have 25 rooms blocked right now.  Our block has no obligation for us to fill the rooms blocked.  about a month before the wedding (or block date) the rooms not filled are released from the block.  If the hotel has a room available they'll still honor the block (I thought that was nice.)

    I would say do maybe 50 rooms, 75 tops.  Or, talk to the hotel person - they'll be the best guide for you.  They usually start at a lower number and say they can always add more.

    We're staying in the same hotel, it's only a mile away from the venue so that's why we chose it.  I'll be staying there with my BM's and Mom for the night before and then FI and I Will spend the night there that night. 


  • How in the world did I manage to post my reply above your original post?  Man I'm talented!
  • Can I ask how you went about blocking rooms? Did you have to make an appt to meet with someone at the hotel or did you just walk in? I am so confused when it comes to these hotel blocks! :(
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  • I actually just called them up and did everything over the phone and via email (and I faxed in my contract.)  The girl I talked to was really nice.  I was in the same boat you're in - having never done this before - and she walked me through it.  She offered for us to come up and look at the hotel and the rooms, as well as look at their banquet spaces in case we want to do anything there.  
  • How many you block off depends on how many you think will actually come to the wedding. If your Hotel doesn't make you guarantee anything, I'd say block as many as you can/need. My hotel makes us guarantee that 80% will get booked so we had to be strategic on how many we blocked! 

    I only blocked off rooms at one hotel. I struggled with this becuase the rooms are very pricey. But my main concern is drinking at the wedding then driving, and the hotel is right next door to the venue (share a parking lot) so it just seemed worth it for me. Me and my FI are staying at the hotel too! 
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