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Where to get dress pressed/steamed?

I'm getting married on 6/25/11, and I have my first dress fitting tonight with Chris O'Hare.  I know she doesn't do the pressing or steaming herself, so I need to find somewhere else to take the dress to be pressed.

What is the right terminology for getting this done?  Is it getting the dress pressed, steamed, or are those 2 different things that both need to be done?

Also, any recommendations in the Waltham/Watertown/Lexington/Belmont area to get just the pressing/steaming done?  I'm assuming I need to find a dry cleaner to do this.  I'm actually getting married in NH so while I'm willing to go to Quincy for the alterations, I'd rather have the dress closer to home the week of the big day.

Also, can anyone tell me on average what I can expect to pay for this service?  That way I can factor in the total cost once Chris sees my dress tonight and what needs to be done.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Where to get dress pressed/steamed?

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    I had mine pressed on the Cape, but I can tell you it was $125. They said it varied based on the fabric and embellishments, and mine was silk and minimally embellished. I would think it would be a little cheaper around you, since you have more options (therefore, more competitive pricing-- I had two options on the Cape).
    Hope that helps a little.
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    I don't think it will necessarily be cheaper. Waltham is a bit pricier.

    Try calling the bridal salon La Reine bridal in the city. They might have suggestions for a dry cleaner that knows how to steam wedding gowns. I used to live there, but I didn't do any dry cleaning, so I don't know where to send you.
    You will always need something to fix.
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    I used a bridal salon in Stoneham Gianna's and it cost me $75. Eventhough it was more than I wanted to spend they did a great job and I was very happy with their service.
  • love2naplove2nap
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    I had my alterations done with Chris too! I ended up paying more for having my dress steamed than altered! I paid $85 or so to get it steamed, but they didn't quote me until after they saw the dress; it really depends on the length and detail of the dress. I had a fairly long train and some beadwork, but not too much.

    I would try calling the bridal shop you bought your dress at first (if that's possible). I called a few bridal shops and they wouldn't do it there because I didn't buy my dress from them. I ended up at Manhattan Bridal in Dedham, MA and I think they were nicer to me when I mentioned my mom purchased her dress there. It took about a week for them to do it. Good luck!
  • samiam0270samiam0270
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    Thanks everyone!  Turns out my dress is in such good condition that I don't even need to get it pressed or cleaned prior to the wedding, but I'll come back to all this great info post-wedding when the dress is filthy!  :)
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