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photographers... how do you pick?

I am getting married next Oct and am looking for an affordable photographer (not much more than $3,000) and don't know how to pick.  I have looked at some of their portfolios online, but it still doesn't tell me much.

I am looking for the photojournalism style and someone who is very creative.  I have looked into using Gerry Ciulla, Tracy Doyle, Photosmith...

Please help! I need suggestions and opinions! Thanks

Re: photographers... how do you pick?

  • mindiosumindiosu member
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    You have the first steps down. 1.) budget 2.) online reserach
    Now, choose 3 to 4 that look like the kind of photographs you envision for your own wedding photos and set up an in person meeting with each of them.

    Also, check this board for real reviews.  For example, you might like the best of portfolio of a photographer, but find that the real reviews of girls in the area are not great.

    I met with several photogs before choosing mine and found that the personality sealed the deal for me. When I met with my photog, Steve Lyons, we just clicked. Some of the others were just not my style and I knew I could not see spending a whole day with them. HTH!

    Oh, and I definitely recommend looking into Steve Lyons. He's awesome :)
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    I agree with pp--it's so important to meet with them in person to make sure you click.  My FI and I had a very different taste in the type of personality we wanted--he likes someone very talkative, outgoing, and visibly involved, where I wanted someone who would take fabulous pictures but do so kind of quitely (I get stressed when there's a TON of attention on me, so the less the better on my wedding day).  We ended up compromising, and when we had our e-pics done, I found myself really wishing I went with my gut and booked someone a little more reserved.  Bottom line, there are a lot of great photographers in the area with the style you're looking for so pick a handful to meet with and go with the person you get along with best.  Good luck!

  • mindiosumindiosu member
    edited December 2011
    I should also add that it's helpful to look up what questions to ask a photog, as well.  For example,  do you have a backup photog if the inevitable were to happen on the wedding day, do you have backup equipment, what types of packages do you offer? There are loads more that you'll want to think about and get answers to when you meet.

    Also be srue you are comfortable with what is included in the package price. Some include photo rights, others require a minimum print purchse to gain this. Some include engagement/get to know you sessions. Really do your research and I even suggest posting your top choices on thsi board to get feedback.
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    There are many photojournalistic photographers in Cinci.  To differentiate between them, look at their editing style.  Is it processed with like an old movie feel like TM Photography?  It is more saturated and bright like Todd Pellowe Photography?  Is it more natural like Tracy Doyle Photography?  These should narrow them down.

    I personally chose Tracy Doyle.  After meeting her, we were convinced she was the one for us.
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  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    You should meet them before you book anything. We met with a few photographers that are loved and we didnt click with them at all. You are spending a lot of time with them so you should probably make sure that is someone that will be around you most of the day. See what their feelings are on videographers (some just dont get along with videographers in the area) and make sure that they have just your wedding to focus on that weekend. Some photogs will book a friday and a saturday wedding which cant leave them on their a game. I would make a list of things that are important to you. use this as an interview questionnaire for your meetings. I would check many before deciding. Here are some that we looked at and couldnt book but seemed to get along with:
    We used Studio3z
    Kourtnee Kate (formerly Simply Timeless)
    BlueBird Photography
    Amanda Eagen
    Amanda Donohoo
    Neysa Ruhl
    Wagner Photographics.

    good luck!
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    We used Steph Carson (photojournalist and photo goddess extraordinaire), and I'm pretty sure our package was right around your price point.  We LOVED what she did - she knew that we were going for a more "vintage" look, so she styled many of our pics to mesh with that vision.  Entirely awesome - you can see a lot of our pics in my married bio.  www.stephcarson.com

    We also considered the other following photojournalists:

    (1) Tine Hoffman (she originally was booked for my date, so I crossed her off early, but I actually did end up using her for my bpics, and loved her - best in the Cincinnati area for bpics)
    (2) Wagner Photographics (gorgeous work)
    (3) Steve Lyons (great shots, but I personally feel they're often more staged than other photojournalists)
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    If you know that you're going for the photojournalist style and you know your budget, check out Kim Long Photography in Cincy. 

    We were beyond thrilled with her work. check out her blog, my pics are under the title - white lace and promises. 

    Go to WPJA.com - wedding photojournalist assciation for other photogs that do this style of photography. 

    Good Luck!

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    One question that I am SO glad that we asked was- will you release all the pictures to me on a CD?  Our photog was a little more pricey...but...she releases all rights to us and puts ALL the pics on a CD so that we can print them off/use them whenever and wherever we like.  Of course, we will order some pics through her for the quality paper, editing, etc- but Xmas cards, Facebook, etc we will be able to use as much as we want!
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    I think it's very important to ask to see examples of entire weddings, not just the best of the best pictures that photographers have in their portfolios. I think some photographers are noticeably more comfortable with either posed or more journalistic shots and you want to make sure you're comfortable with how all your pictures are going to look. I've also been known to stalk a blog or two. It makes me more comfortable with the photographer I picked to see how consistent he is in his work and how disciplined his work schedule is (he posts new wedding pics on his blog every Monday, I think).

    My photographer is Todd Pellowe. I also like Tine Hoffman and Kim Long's work. They all do journalistic style work.
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    I am also using Todd Pellowe. His work is amazing, and when I was searching for a photographer his work stood out to me among everyone else. I picked 3 photographers I liked (Todd Pellowe, Todd Nichols, and Wagner Photographics) and had FI pick which he liked. Todd Pellowe was the only one we met with, and loved him right away!

    Granted I didn't know about this board and all the amazing photographers you girls use (he was the first thing we booked after the church and reception hall quite a while ago) but I am so happy we are using Todd for pictures, and would pick him again in a heart beat. 

    Good luck!
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