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Best Website?

After flipping through the Together For Life book, it's safe to say FI and I are disappointed with the reading options.  We've searched some websites but there is either massive amounts of information that we could try to look through but it really seems never ending, or there are sites that basically just quote TFL.  Did you find a website with information on readings that you found to be helpful?

Re: Best Website?

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    catholicweddinghelp.com is a great site. You will have no doubt if something is approved for a Catholic ceremony. Our priest actually recommended us check it out as we decide our readings, songs, etc. If something isn't allowed, it will also give you the reasoning behind it. Hope this is what you were wanting...
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  • tnspighttnspight
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    I think ring_pop used something from Ruth.  There was a posting on this in the summer if you want to sift through or you could just page ring_pop which would probably make more sense, lol.  I'm pretty sure catholicweddinghelp had the same readings as TFL.  HTH a little
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    Is only the Rite of Marriage version of a passage allowed, or can you choose the particular Bible the readings come from?  I am just curious as to how the wording might differ from translation to translation.  

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    I think the Church only approves of using the NAB translation, since that is the Catholic bible. 
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    I got my information from CatholicWeddinghelp.com as well. I did not know that all these readings aren't in the Together for Life book, as we have not met with the priest yet. 
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