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April 2011 Weddings

Wedding question

Friends of ours are getting married at the end of April. My friend was telling me about all the booze they were having for the 200 people that will be there. Basically it is 4 gallons of whiskey, 2 gallons of rum, 3 gallons of Vodka.

I asked if there was going to be beer for the people who are driving back home from the reception. He said oh yeah there will be a 1/4 keg which is about 75 beers total.

Is it me or does that seem like not enough beer and too much hard liquor for most people who are local and will be driving home after the wedding?
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Re: Wedding question

  • Personally, it doesn't really matter if it's beer or hard liquor it more about the number of drinks a person has. If a person has one hard liquor drink what is to say they should drive, but they could have multiple beers??

    We have pretty tough (and rightly so) drunk driving laws so any amount of alcohol (beer or hard liquor) is too much if you're driving.
  • It just depends.  If they know their crowd and what people drink they might be doing the right thing.  If they dont, it could become an interesting situation.  We had just under 200 at our wedding and had way way way more alcohol at ours.  But we knew our crowd and we only went home with wine and very little hard liquor.  We had no beer left.  They called last call and the last 36 were bought.  Again, I am hoping they know their crowd.  But to me it does sound like a very small amount of beer.  We had 12 cases of 24 and 3 specialty cases of 12 (all beer) and it was GONE! 

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  • Our thing is that we don't like to drink hard liquor at weddings if we are driving anywhere. They don't have any shuttles even for people who are staying at hotels. Their hotels are about 20 minutes drive from the reception. Only the Bride, Groom and parents will have a shuttle for them back to the hotels.

    We would rather drink beer because you can drink a few and not get as plastered as if you had a couple hard liquor drinks. Most of the guests are from Pgh so they will be driving home. I just didn't want to end up drinking pop for 5 hours because the beer ran out in the first hour. I'm sure we will still have fun but I'm not a fan of pop to begin with.
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  • It does sound like a lot of hard liquor and not enough beer.  We had about 120 guests show up to the wedding, and our 4 kegs were all floated, plus 20 ish bottles of wine were gone by the end of the night. Our crowd was a bit of a party crowd, and everyone stayed at hotels that were within 3-5 miles of the venue.  I think we probably would have cut back some had more people been driving.  



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  • Yeah I think you should at least have enough beer for half the guests to have at least two drinks so that is a Full Keg at least. Who in the world is going to drink 3 gallons of Whiskey at a wedding where they have to drive?!

    At least a beer an hour is enough to keep a person decent. With all the food that will be out and the popcorn bar it will be enough to keep people from getting too drunk if they don't hit the mixed drinks too hard.
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  • It really depends on your crowd.  At ours, people drank a lot of whiskey, scotch, and vodka and we brought most of our beer home.  We only bought something like 8 cases, so we wouldn't have much to get rid of later.  But that still sounds awfully light on the beer to me.

    It's weird, but I've never heard whiskey referred to by the gallon.
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