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Well of course it's about shoes!

So I was browsing and I saw these

Did anyone else have a pair of jellies when they were younger? I did and I wore them EVERYWHERE - I'm kind of tempted to buy them
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Re: Well of course it's about shoes!

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    I remember those!  They made my feet smell foul and gave me the nastiest blisters of all time.
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    Dude, I totally had those! And they hurt like a b!tch, but I wore them anyway. Talk about BLISTERS!

    But I felt like Cinderella! <3
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    I HOPE SO!!!!!

    I had green jellies back when I was a wee one.
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    I loved my jellies and I never got blisters - I guess I was just lucky : )

    And I just saw these

    Peep-toe cowboy boots? Really? I guess they appeal to someone but I can't imagine ever wearing them myself
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    Oh man I loved my jellies...till you got a rock in it!!! I got blisters from them too Frown

    I never had a pair of peep toe cowboy boots desire to get them now either.
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  • loopy82loopy82 member
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    I actually had purchased some jellies like 10 or so years ago. They were super comfortable.

    I also don't understand peep toe cowboy boots. But then again, I grew up being around cowboy boots being used for the original purpose.
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    In all seriousness I do really want to get these

    They look super comfy and I am in need of a new pair of good flats I just don't think I can convince DH to let me get another pair of shoes : (
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  • jgcohnjgcohn member
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    I had clear jellies growing up and I loved them!!!

    Those flats are adorable...they look very comfy!!  I'm all about comfort.

    My grandma sent me these for my bday....

    I was unsure of the pattern for a little while, but they are SO I now approve =)
  • zaneopalzaneopal member
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    I had a pair of yellow jellies that I totally loved, and wore all the time as my beach/shower shoes...I did several years of sleepaway camp, and sneakers were required at all times, except for when we went to the lake for swimming lessons/free swim and to take showers.

    Then I lost one of them in the Delaware River when we went white-water rafting. Boo.
  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    OMG JELLIES!!!!! I loved these! I had 4 pairs! pink,blue,clear and green...well technically between my sister and I we had 4 pairs but still...And they gave horrible blisters.  But I loved them!

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Well of course it's about shoes!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I remember those!  They made my feet smell foul and gave me the nastiest blisters of all time.
    Posted by Narwhal[/QUOTE]

    YESSS! My feet would get so sweaty in them! But it still wore them EVERYWHERE and had like a million colors...Gap Kids whoop whoop.
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