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Chili Cookoff/Recipe contests

Fi's work is having a chili cookoff tomorrow and then the whole town has one on the 18th. We're entering some chili for the cookoff at his work and it's just some silly little work thing, but I'm nervous! I don't really cook for people much, lol. I hope they like it.

Has anyone else ever entered food into a contest?
Has anyone ever won anything for their recipe?
If you were to enter a recipe, what would it be for?


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Re: Chili Cookoff/Recipe contests

  • I've never entered food in a contest, but if I were to do it, it would probably be my mac & cheese. It's soooo good.
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    I haven't because I don't know how to make food on my own (I only know how to follow ST recipes).  

    But I'd love to go to something like this just to eat everything there :)

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    Two of my friends and I submitted this pie into our local library's pie contest in highschool. It was a little awkward when we walked in and realized that no one else was dressed up like a farmer with apples painted on their cheeks and none of them submitted a pie with food colored apple slices decorating it. We lost, but it was a bunch of fun still.

    I bet your chili will be awesome. Chili is amaaaazing. Even thinking about it now is making me hungry. Try it with tofu meat, they'll never know :)
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  • Yeah, I love chili, so I'm going to have to be good, lol.

    Jorja: Do you mind sharing your mac and cheese recipe? I probably can't eat much of it, since cheese and noodles are huge craving starters for me, but I love making new stuff and trying it out on FI, lol.

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  • OMG I love chili, I'm so jealous.

    My mom entered some of her baked goods in a 4H County Festival a year or two ago. I think she got 2nd or 3rd place :)
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  • Kelley: I have a ton of chili in my kitchen right now, lol. I love it! That's cool that your mom won. Apparently, there aren't many people entering for FI's work cook off, but there will be lots at the town cook off. It'll be fun!


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