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It's Official! :)

I am finally engaged with a ring and all! It was the best night of my life and by far the most romantic.

On Sunday my boyfriend, his family, and I all got up early to board a ship for our Bahamian cruise. This was my first cruise ever although they had been on many. When we got on the ship we immediately ate a large lunch and took a tour of the boat. I was blown away by how nice and comfortable all the accommodations were. Within a matter of hours we were already ready for our first activity, a massage.

I was in heaven. I am obsessed with massages and it was a perfect way to start the cruise. As the boat was pulling away I was getting one of the best massages of my life. 

Following the massage my boyfriend and I got dressed up for a very fancy restaurant. He was looking handsome in his suit and I was in a new dress that he helped me pick out. We headed out from the room and he asked me to take a walk with him on deck. 

Under the stars alone at the back of the boat he got down on one knee and said the most touching words I have ever heard. Of course I said yes and from that moment i have never felt so in love and so at peace with our relationship. 

I know that we are young, but I don't care what others think. We are in love and we are mature and we are ready to face the world together. My family and his are all thrilled. It's been fun to share the joy with everyone. 

I had the perfect proposal.

Re: It's Official! :)

  • awww thats soooo beautiful....congrats!!! good luck with your planning
  • How young is young, exactly?
  • It always never fails to irritate me when a young bride says this:

    [QUOTE]I know that we are young, but I don't care what others think. We are in love and we are mature and we are ready to face the world together.[/QUOTE]

    Just stop going, I'm young, I'm mature, we're so ready! If you are, you won't feel the need to proclaim it to a bunch of internet strangers. Let your posts and words on here show that you are in fact mature, just saying it means nothing. I'm also praying you aren't 16.

    That said, congrats, and it does sound like a great proposal.
  • I'm definitely not 16! haha I didn't even have a boyfriend till I was 17! I'm not stupid. However, many people on here attacked me earlier on here. They were really cruel about the situation when they don't even know me or my fiance. 

    I am sorry for annoying you with my excitement. It wasn't meant to offend. It was just merely a statement. I love the fact that I found the one I am going to spend the rest of my life with early on. I think it is one of the most unique and fun facts about our engagement and I wouldn't change it for the world. I don't have anything to prove to anyone on here! None of you know me. I was just stating how happy I am. 

    Thanks for the congrats guys! Congratulations to you all as well! :) It's an exciting time, is it not?
  • No one said you were annoying, nor did we say you were stupid. And by situation, I'm sure your'e referring to your post called Problems with his family?

    I'm young too, but I don't go around going I'm young! I'm mature! I'm in love! It was just a recommendation to let your words speak to your maturity.
  • That does sound romantic! Congrats :)
  • I think she's the one with the boyfriend who still lived at home, and she wanted to know how to get boyfriend's dad to back off. Also, she and boyfriend have careers and are well established at 19.
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