Wedding Woes do I see 'my posts' on this new format?

I'm sure there's a way but I"m lazy and I can't find it.

Re: do I see 'my posts' on this new format?

  • If you click on the main board headings to your left (Wedding Boards, Speical Topic Wedding Boards, ect) you will see a pane on the left entitiled "my discussions" which should show your posts throughout.

    You can also click on the magnifying glass under your posts. It will be to the far right next to reply, quote, PM. HTH
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  • that's like the fourth time i've read those instructions and i have yet to see anything marked my discussions lol
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    that's my problem too.
    I can click on every heading in the left pane...NOTHING w/ the lable 'my discussions' appears.

    Thinking I was missing it, I told firefox to find 'my' and looked...nope, it's not on the page. 

    And the magnifying glass takes me to a list of posts...but they don't seem to be *MY* posts...
    ETA, oh wait, this time they were my posts.
    SO the magnifying glass works.  awesome.
  • you have to click on the magnifying glass only on YOUR posts in order to see your own. If you click on the hour glass on anyone else's posts, it will go to all of their posts. I have had trouble finding my posts as well, but every once in a while i see my posts somewhere near the bottom on the right, but i can't tell you how it gets there or when b\c it seems random. I'm sure there is some sort of rhyme or reason, but so far I haven't found it. HTH
  • I'm actually new to this and was wondering the same thing.  Thanks for the help everyone.  :)
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