Trouble Finding a Venue for 300

So, I have very specific requirements that appear to be difficult to fulfill, at least in the Indy area.  And since I've already booked my church in Brownsburg and it's my home parish, location isn't about to change.  I really only have two criteria:  our guest list is around 300 people, and we would like to provide outside catering.  The outside catering seems to be the most crippling, but we're not willing to compromise on that.  We're also on a budget, which seems conterproductive to the 300 person guest list, but since I'm not paying for it, I'm not limiting the guest list either (we both have big families).  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Re: Trouble Finding a Venue for 300

  • We have a guest list of 260 and I ran into some similar limitations as far as reception venue size goes when doing my research.

    of all of the, I don't know, 30+ potential venues I researched and contacted for a guest list the size of mine, every single venue either had a catererer of their own you had to use, or a list of preferred caterers you must choose from.

    May I ask why you are insisting on outside catering?  For example, Butler University has amazing space that is incredibly affordable, and they have a list of maybe 6-7 great caterers you can choose from.   
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