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October 2011 Weddings

Not a fun start to the new year

So we had a not so good end to 2011 and beginning of 2012.  H's mom slipped in the shower and hit her head on the Tuesday before Christmas (Dec. 20th).  She ended up having emergency surgery same day and was put in a medically-induced coma to help with the swelling after the surgery.  She never came out of the coma and passed away on Jan. 3rd.  To make the week before Christmas even worse, we miscarried on Thursday, Dec. 22nd.  Then H took our newer vehicle back to the dealership (we had just bought the vehicle on Dec. 15th) due to a weird noise and thumping sound coming from the front tires.  The car had been previously owned by my parents, they had traded it in for a newer vehicle at the beginning of Oct. and we didn't get the chance to buy it from them and had to go through the dealership.  Well as H got near the dealership, the front driver-side tire came off the car! 

I am so hoping that 2012 starts to get better.  We also decided to further delay our honeymoon.  We were supposed to fly out on Jan. 2nd to FL, but we moved it to the end of the month. 

Hope all of you have had a better start to the new year, and please be careful stepping out of your tubs!  I know one of my co-workers put the little anti-slip stickies in the bottom of her tub after my MIL's accident.
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Re: Not a fun start to the new year

  • The toughest part about MIL passing away is that my FIL basically had her dead from the day she fell.  He had already started going through her stuff, has refused to do a funeral for her.  When H and his siblings talk to FIL about going out to eat or doing a family potluck as some way to say our last goodbyes to her, FIL tells us that he doesn't want to do anything because it will cost money (the one BIL, H, and I were even going to chip in together and pay for FIL's meal if we went out to eat).  FIL basically just wants to not do anything to honor her.  It makes H and his oldest brother angry!  FIL has already told H that it was a mistake that FIL and MIL ever got married and was contemplating divorce. 

    I feel so bad for H and my SILs and BILs through all of this.  FIL kept telling the nurses that H and his oldest brother were the important ones in scheduling any family meetings (that was his way of basically saying that these two had the most to work around with their jobs, my two SILs don't work and the other BIL did not attend any of the meetings).  FIL also informed the nurses who his favorite kid was in front of H and oldest BIL (which FIL's favorite child is not either of them).  After telling the nurses that, FIL turned to me and grinned and said "I guess I shouldn't say out loud that I favor one of the kids over another". 
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  • Oh wow.. so sorry to hear about your MIL.  Hoping that your year gets better!
  • I'm so sorry to hear about all of that.  Losing your MIL suddenly is hard enough, but to have FIL start acting like that must be making everything that much worse.  And to miscarry in the midst of it all....my heart goes out to you and your H.

    I am keeping you guys in my thoughts.  I hope 2012 treats you better than the end of 2011!
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  • How difficult for you, my thoughts and heart go out to you. Two years ago DH lost his 11-year-old sister in a car accident. Instead of his parents taking on responsibilities that they should have, DH planned the entire funeral and had to be the business backbone of the whole thing. He never got to properly grieve, and is still feeling the effects of it. His mother, for a long time, refused to move on, did not want to attend the funeral, etc. But the show went on. H had to tell her that just because she wasn't ready to say goodbye, it was necessary for the rest of the family, outside friends and family to start.

    This is a difficult time for everybody; I really feel for you and again, my thoughts are with you.
  • Sorry for your loss - hope 2012 is much better for your family!
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  • Keeping you guys in my prayers! Here is to hoping that things start looking up!
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  • I hope it gets better and this year is a better year. I will be praying for you both.
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  • Wow, so sorry for all you're going through - FIL is not helping the situation. Maybe they should just plan something to honor MIL without him so they can have closure. Hoping things will get better!
  • Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Hope things start looking better for you!
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