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April 2013 Weddings

Your Somethings...

Stealing a post from the Wedding Withdrawal board...

Have you planned what you are using for your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue?

I really only have the Something New (dress, veil, shoes, etc) and Something Blue (birthstone necklace from FMIL and also ribbons on my bride underwear haha). I might somehow attach my grandmother's wedding band and engagement ring set to my bouquet as my Something Old, but it kind of makes me nervous because I know I'll just be leaving my bouquet on the table for the reception. Maybe I'll have to make sure to remove the rings after the ceremony, or after all main pics are taken. It's pretty much the only family heirloom I really have though, and it'd be a great way to incorporate my grandma into my special day. :)

Any other special items for your wedding day? Any special history to your items? I love hearing these details!!
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Reply requested by March 23.

Re: Your Somethings...

  • I'm not sure I'm going to do this. If my mom has "something old" she wants me to include on the day, then I probably will to please her, but I'm not planning anything out.
  • I'm not taking this tradition too seriously. My something new will be dress, shoes, earrings and hair flower. Something blue will probably be undies and/or a ring. Something borrowed and old is a brooch on my bouquet that belongs to my grandma. I think it's also blue. I have a feeling I'm suppose to have two separate things for borrowed and old, but I don't think I will.

  • Old: a ring from my grandma tied into my bouquet
    New: my beautiful shoes
    Borrowed: I'm "borrowing" the second set of "inserts" that came in the package my friend bought.  They're like bra cups with adhesive so I won't need to wear a bra.  (No, she's not getting them back, but I don't know what else would fit here.  lol)
    Blue: I'm getting a blue pedicure a few days before the wedding
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  • Old: I'm thinking of attaching a brooch from my Grandmother who recently passed away to my bouquet
    New: My dress, shoes, earrings, veil etc.
    Borrowed: My tiara is the tiara that my best friend/cousin wore for her wedding
    Blue: My undies will say my new married name in blue rhinestones
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  • Old:unsure
    New:dress, shoes, veil, jewlery etc.
    Blue: I am thinking about getting the "i do" blue rhinestone stickers to put on the bottom of my shoes.
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  • Old: I'm wearing my mom's veil she wore 40 years ago when she married my dad
    New: dress, shoes, etc
    Borrowed: I'm not sure about this yet
    Blue: My seamstress will use blue thread for my bustle
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  • Well- my something old, borrowed, and blue is a garter that my mom wore on her wedding day. My something new is everything!
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  • Something new: dress, shoes, veil, etc

    Blue: My garter (It's Washington Nationals themed! Was the first thing I bought.)

    Old: My FMIL gave me a ring that was passed down to her from my FFIL's family. They're divorced now so she has no attachment to it. It's beautiful: a simple band with little diamonds, and other than being a little bent, fits me! I need to hear the story again of the original owner, but my FFIL told me the woman who owned it lived to be 100+!

    Borrowed: TBD. I really want to wear something from my grandmother, as she and my grandfather have been married for 62 years. I might put one of her old handkerchiefs around my bouquet.

  • I have asked each of the special ladies in my life (my aunt, my FMIL, my fiances aunt, and my MOH)for an item of this addage to incorporate them in the wedding since they cant be there with me (destination wedding at a couples only resort) (my MOH isnt part of a couple :( and the rest cant afford to go) My aunt was supposed to travel for my wedding shower and loan me my grandmothers pearls but im not sure if that will be happening. But...

    New:dress, shoes, veil... and so on
    Blue: shoes
    Old: TBD
    Borrowed: TBD
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  • Somthing old: Lace from my moms wedding dress turned into my garder and wrapper around my bouquet
    Something new: dress shoes, etc
    Something borrowed: not sure
    Something blue: the bow on my shoes is going to be blue
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  • edited November 2012
    New: Bridal Jewelry, dress
    Borrowed: Not for sure about this maybe a hair clip from my MOH
    Old/Blue: This is my absolute fave because my dad wears nothing but blue work shirts so we are going to cut a heart out of one of them and sew it inside of my dress.
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  • new: dress , heels ect
    old: my pearl ring from my mom
    borrowed: veil from my sisters wedding
    blue: blue and white hankie with wedding date and FI's and mine initials sewn into dress
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