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My mom really wants to host some sort of pre-wedding event but we know that it isn't proper for her to host a wedding shower. What type of get together can she be the host of? We talked about a tea, but we want to look at other ideas, too. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Re: Party from my mom

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    I think the "Bride's mom can't host a wedding shower" thing is kind of going by the way side. Another user mentioned earlier that that etiquette was mostly because the bride was usually living with her parents in the interim of being married and thus it's assumed that their parents would benefit from any gifts the bride received. As that is usually not the case, I don't see anything wrong with your mom hosting your bridal shower. I've only ever seen a bridal shower hosted by the bride's mother.
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    My aunt offered to host our shower at the restaurant of our choice (Gibson's), but the cost was high and we really didn't want her to spend the money. My mom and FI mom stepped in and covered the cost. My aunt took care of all the games, game prizes, and favors instead. 
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    I'm in the middle about this.

    I would not host any of my daughter's showers but I did offer to "help out" the bridal party financially on the couples shower they gave.

    Sorry, old school here

    Everyone else I know says it's find to host any type of party for your daughter.
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    2 of my mom's close friends are the "hosts" of my wedding shower, but I know she's helping.. she tells me she isn't, but I know she is! :)

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