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June 2010 Weddings


Good Morning Ladies,
Yesterday, after trying my dress on again, cause I was falling out of love with it...don't worry the love is back. Anyways... I decided I'm going to get a headband, so I just wanted to see if anyone else was getting a headband, what it looks like, where you got it and how you would be wearing your hair...Pictures pleasssse:-)  TIA!

Re: Headbands!

  • I just bought my cute little headband on Wednesday! I had no intention of getting one, I wanted combs, but the consultant pulled this headband, and I loved it! Its really sparkly, and very cute. Looks great with my dress and veil. I don't have a picture of it, but I'll get one soon!
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  • I'm still pretty unsure of how I want to wear my hair and what I want to wear in it, but I love the headband idea. I bet both you and Schumakr will look lovely in one.
  • I'm super excited about it. I'm going to wear it super far back on my head by my veil so it does not come off as a tiara.
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  • I'm wearing a headband. I don't have a picture of it yet b/c the inspiration was in a magazine and I can't find a pic of it online.  It pretty much looks like a long pearl and rhinestone necklace wrapped around your head.  It'll have like 4 or 5 rows.  One of my BMs has an etsy store and makes hair accessories.  So, she's making it. yay!
  • ooo a pearl headband, That sounds gorgeous !!!
  • MGLI - your headband sounds like the one I want, but am having trouble finding it!  I have talked to some people on Etsy about making it, but haven't found what I want yet, here is the pic - if it is similar, can you let me know who is making it for you?  Thanks!!

  • jeneric, where did you find that picture?! That is the exact one!!

    I can let my BM know you're interested and maybe she can make two?

    Isn't it gorgeous?  I'm thinking of having my girls wear just a single strand of pearls in their hair as well.

    I'll page you when I find out.
  • MGLI - hey as soon as I read your post I knew it was the same one, I got that pic a while ago when I first saw the pic in InStyle Wedding magazine, I have it saved on my computer and it is in my bio (www.jenericwedding.weebly.com).  The actress's name is January Jones and I just searched for her and updos to find the pic.  I would love it if you could ask your friend to make me one too, just let me know how much!  My email is jez1110 at yahoo dot com.  Thanks so much!!
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