Indoor wedding photo locations?

Hi All, our wedding day is this Saturday and there is a chance of snow. Just in case, I wanted to have a back up location to take pictures at between the ceremony and reception around the downtown area preferably.

I already checked and you can't have photos taken at the Winter Garden downtown while their Christmas display is up. I have a call into the contact at the Renaissance Hotel downtown, but haven't heard back from him yet.

Do any of you have any other ideas/recommendations?

Thanks so much!


Re: Indoor wedding photo locations?

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    I believe the Renissance lets you. One of our knotties had her pics taken there and they were beautiful.

    What about inside Heinz Hall? That would be beautiful!
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    the renaissance shouldnt have a problem with it as long as they dont have a wedding going on there (they give their brides exclusive use of the hotel for pictures).

    we're thinking about stopping at the pennsylvanian for pictures. it won't be inside, but it would be out of the wind and snow. i haven't decided if i want to call/email them first to ask if it's ok with them or just show up. i asked my photographer sister about it and she said that because of the type of space they don't have the option to stop you, but that doesnt mean they won't.
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    The Renaissance would be wonderful for photos, hopefully you will obtain permission.

    The day of my daughter's wedding we had a little snow in the morning and then rain for most of the day.  They took a lot of photos at the Columns at CMU, which gave them a lot of cover from the wind and rain.  Would this be an option for you?

    Is the Cathedral of Learning open during the holiday break?

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    There is also a great spot under the convention center - There is a beautiful water way that looks as if its leading into the river - I've seen pictures that were taken there and they are unbelievable!

    Below is a link to a wedding photographers blog that has a wedding with pics taken there!! Good luck!!
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