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Wedding Hair and Beauty


I have 13 months till my wedding day. I want my hair down with soft curls my problems is my hair is very fine and dead. I would like to know what I can do over the next year to help my hair grow thicker and healthier?

Re: Hair

  • Lots of protein and getting regular trims (to keep the dead ends off) will help.  Also the less heat, color, processing, etc. you do, the better.  Although that is easier said than done, I know.

    That being said, thin dead hair is the story of my life.  That is why I wear extensions.
  • Could you use a  thickening shampoo?? Maybe you also could get extensions to add extra length and fullness.
  • Stephie, your hair looks awesome in your pic from your wedding, I would never guess those were extensions!
    OP, I agree, with extensions. You won't be able to bring the hair that's dead back to life so get it trimmed as soon as you can and your hair will instantly look better. Your stylist for your wedding day will be able to help make the extensions blend perfectly with your own hair. They can even color them to match your hair color exactly if you can't find an exact match at the beauty store.
  • I don't actually think that OP meant her hair is DEAD, just that it's lifeless and doesn't have much volume.  My hair is much the same way, and I generally just keep it short-- never any longer than the tops of my shoulders. 

    I've also heard that prenatal vitamins can help your hair and nails become stronger, so you could give that a shot without resorting to extensions.
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    JZags, thanks!  I actually tweaked my own hair color to match the extensions since I wear mine every day--I found that was easier than dying the extensions.  But you are right, many MUAs will custom make your extensions for your wedding day.

    I do agree that getting your own hair in better shape if you can is preferable to wearing extensions, and OP, you have lots of time to try that. 

  • I have the same fine, stringy hair.  I recently just got extensions.  Mine are the fusion kind, and I am loving them!  My wedding is in 6 days and I can't wait to walk down the aisle with me soft flowing locks!!


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  • also, using those skinny, tight hairties at the crown of your head causes breakage! I wear my hair in a tight bun for work, and I had to stop because it actually looked like I was balding! My stylist suggests braids, and hot oil treatments, and conditioning. Plus, make sure you are drinking a lot of water, and eating right!
  • Thanks guys so two other questions what is best for high protein and does anyone know a place in Philadelphia that does the Fusion Extensions?
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