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How to choose a veil?

I'm so torn on a veil. I wasn't going to have a veil because I'm having a beach ceremony and I didn't want a veil blowing around. But, in looking at photos and pics of my dress shopping day, I love the pics where the bride has a veil and my pics looked "complete" on dresses where I had a veil on.

So now I'm on a quest to find a veil. Nothing is making me ooh and ahh. I saw a couple pics of brides with similar dresses that have a long veil and I like that, but when I tried some on yesterday they didn't awe me.

I'm thinking a two tier, finished edge with some sparkle. A long tier and then a fingertip tier.

How did you all choose your veil?
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Re: How to choose a veil?

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    My mom gave me her cathedral-length veil, so I'll be removing the tulle from the 80s-tastic headpiece and putting it on a comb when I get the cojones to do so.

  • Honestly, you need to go try some on. Preferably with your dress on so you know how long it needs to be to not cover up any pretty details on your dress and to decide if you want a blusher (the piece in front of your face) or not. 

    Also, I would look into getting some "veil weights" (I think that is what they're called) that will make sure your veil won't blow around at the beach. Like these--
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  • csweaney - thank you for the link, i had no idea someone acually came up with the idea, we were trying to find some pretty weights to put on the veil, but that's perfect!  thanks!

    ahstillwell - wish i had one to borrow from someone, would just make things easier.  good luck with your project!
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