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i'm thinking about, rather than going out to the bar, doing a boudoir party with some friends. i found a local photographer who does them and im wanting to do boudoir photos for a grooms gift anyways and when my friends found out they want to do some too.

just wondering if anyone has done one or not? any tips for me before i take the jump?

heres who im thinking about going with for the party, found them on the local vendors

i like that its all female staff too.

Re: Boudoir Bachelor Party

  • banana468banana468 member
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    NO WAY would I do this as a party.  If you want to do them, great - and if your friends want to do them, - great!

    But to turn that into your bachelorette party is IMO inappropriate on too many levels.
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    That is a very creative idea
    I have had boudouir photos done and they are fantastic idea!  Why not see if you could also get some sex in the city type photos also done with your photograher? Think fabulous dresses, great hair and makeup and running all over the city with umbrella, great accessories and your best friends!! What a great memory to have! Boudouir is great...but might be more intimate for just you to go and get done for the hubbies wedding gift.
  • danieliza1127danieliza1127 member
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    I had boudoir pics done but I don't think I would have done them with my friends.  Just too awkward.  I don't know about you, but I'm not comfortable strutting around in sexy lingerie and posing seductively in front of my girlfriends.
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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    I had boudoir pictures done, but I don't think I would have ever done the photo session with other people even if they are my closest friends. To me, it was a private thing that will be an amazing gift for my FI on our wedding day and is for his eyes only.

    If you still want to do it, check with your girls first and see if everyone there will actually be comfortable doing something like this. 
  • duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    I think this is a horrible idea.  None of my friends, or myself, would ever consider this a realistic or viable option.  Actually, truth be told, I think the idea is little sick and a tad perverted.  Why would you want to spend the night looking at your friends in their underwear?

    Also, you shouldn't be planning your own bach party.
  • crazy4u201crazy4u201 member
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    In the subject you wrote bachelor not bachlorette- do you mean the guys are there too?

    If this is something that all your girls are up for it could be really fun.  I like the sex and the city idea too.  Would the photographer be going to your house or do you have to go to the studio?  If its at your house..  I would totally play up the Sex and the City idea... rent girly movies drink martinis and have alot of fun!  I say go for it!

  • kspeckelskspeckels member
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    I like your idea, but I would be sure that you are comfortable enough in front of your friends! You can't try posing sexy and then start laughing (which is always how it is with my girlfriends)! I'm positive your groom will love the photos and it would be a fun night to remember with your closest girlfriends! :]
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    Okay, maybe I'm weird or something, but I thought it was a wonderful idea. None of my friends would be embarassed or anything. We all used to live in the same apartment w/ no A/C and in the middle of August, we were always lounging around in bras and panties watching "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" And we all have gone lingerie shopping with each other and we've even shared dressing rooms at Macy's.

    Just make sure you and all your friends are comfortable with it, I guess.
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    I think that's a really fun idea! There is a studio in my city that does this and from what I understand each person is photographed alone without the other ladies in the room. Personally, I had boudoir pictures taken in my home and I had a friend there to help me with my outfits and she held the reflector and stuff. I didn't feel awkward at all but I think it depends on your group of friends. If your friends are into it I think that is a really fun bonding activity and everyone gets something to treasure forever! Let me tell you, getting boudoir pictures was SOO amazing! I felt like I was the hottest person alive for at least a week! It's an amazing experience that I think every woman should do for herself!
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    As far as tips: I think it's fun to incorporate some of your fiance's items, a jersey, a tie or shirt for a personal touch. Some places provide the lingerie but if not then allow some time to find something you are comfortable in and make sure you can move around in it. Shoes are also important, get some really hot shoes! Another fun thing would be to all get your make up and/or hair done before the shoot as another added element to the glam-ness!

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    <div>this. haha, not as a group.  my b-pic photog is two hours away from where i live and she strongly suggested that i not bring a friend with me when i go for my shoot.  i definitely am dreading the drive alone so i may ignore her suggestion, but i would NOT ask my friend to join in... </div>
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    I might do this with one friend, but not in a larger group.
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    As I was reading your post, I thought that I might actually be more comfortable in this setting than in taking the photos by myself. My BMs are all very close friends that I feel very comfortable with (and have seen in less than their underwear), and them being there might actually make me more able to relax and have fun rather than being a little nervous about just being alone with a photographer. Go for it, if it's something that makes you and your friends comfortable! 

    With regards to other people's statements--while this is a public forum and people are more than welcome to say what they want, I feel like comments like "that made me throw up in my mouth" and "that's a tad bit perverted" is the type of attitude that makes people not want to ask perfectly legitimate questions on these boards. Holy cow, she didn't ask if she and her friends could sit around naked in a room and touch each other, she just wanted to know if this was a totally ridiculous idea! No need to be SO rude to her. Tell her YOU might not like it, but no need to be so antagonistic. 

    Finally, while I don't intend on planning my bachelorette party, my MOH has asked me for suggestions for things I might like to do, and think it's perfectly appropriate to respond, rather than telling her, "just figure it out."
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