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Ice Cream Wedding Cake

Has anyone used an ice cream wedding cake or know of someone that has?! I LOVVEEEEE ice cream cakes so I am thinking about having that as my wedding cake but I just don't know if it is possible.  We are getting married in June of next year so with the weather and everything I don't know how it would work but I really want to try!

Re: Ice Cream Wedding Cake

  • Kel7284Kel7284 member
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    That sounds freakin amazing right now lol.  Where would you get your cake from?  DQ has some of the best ice cream cakes, but not sure if you would want a DQ cake??  Let me know if you can find someone who would do that and what the cost would be.  Thats a great idea.
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  • afloggieafloggie member
    edited December 2011
    OMG I wanted an ice cream cake for our wedding but we ended up not getting one. That is an awesome idea and I hope you can get one! 
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    Okay, forgive me, but I may be Debbie Downer here.  It really depends on what is the most important to you.  Most receptions have the cake on display when guests arrive.  Just as a timeline, you would have cake set up before they get there, that's at least 30 minutes prior.  If you do a cocktail hour, that's, well, another hour.  By the time you do dinner, it's almost another hour, plus any dances or such that may happen after dinner.  So that's almost 3 hours that a traditional cake is on display before anyone touches it. 

    Then there is the general logistics of getting it there.  I don't know of any bakers who do ice cream cake, so most likely you'd be ordering from somewhere and taking it to the reception yourself. 

    Then comes the actual set up.  You would have to make special arrangements with wherever you get the cake to not have cake boards sticking out (most just ordered cakes have at least an inch on each side sticking out), unless you went with pillars.  Even then, you wouldn't have any connection between the cakes (dowels, icing that looks as cohesive, etc.)  With pillars you would just have to get the plates and pray they don't melt. 

    Okay, that's the bad.  What about doing ice cream grooms cake?  Or doing a fake cake and having ice cream cake brought out cut?  I'm not huge on the fake cake personally, but for this reason I could see it working.    You could also do a display of cakes, something like this:  http://tinyurl.com/238ujew

    Decorated, looks something like this:

    My goal isn't to be a downer.  It's just better to think about all the headaches before they become issues.  GL!

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    Graters ice cream cakes are delish! I agree with mrs.dilligaf though with all the logisitics of the cake, and also what if some of your guests are lactose intolerant? Also, if you get a regular cake for the wedding cake and an ice cream cake as your grooms cake, make sure that your baker allows you to have cake from another vendor. Mine does not allow this, so that would definitely be an issue.

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    try a spoon fulla suga?
  • schroeadschroead member
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    Have you thhought about coldstone? They do wedding ice creamcakes!
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  • HSchallHSchall member
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    edited December 2011
    Cold stone does ice cream cupcakes too--they are really cute.  This could also be an option.  For some reason separate ice cream cupcakes seems easier to deal with than a whole ice cream cake. 

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