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My Inspiration: My Parents (PIP)

Just wanted to share an old photo I found of my parent's on their wedding day in Cuba. My mom was talking to me and told me how they didn't even have wedding bands. They borrowed rings from their friends in order to "pretend" during that part of the ceremony. She said that they didn't buy their wedding bands until years later here in America.

I asked my mom if she still had the garter she wore, to see if she would let me wear it for my wedding, but she got really sad and said no. She showed me the only things she has from her wedding day are a handful of dried up flowers she keeps in a small box. When my parents and brother left Cuba during El Mariel they weren't able to bring anything with them. She had to leave everything behind. I cried.

My parents have been through so much and have stuck together for 35 years and they're still going strong! My dad is seriously the best man I've ever known and my mom is tough to get along with sometimes, lol, but I wouldn't have her be any other way! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

Do you have any old pics or stories of your parents' wedding day??
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Re: My Inspiration: My Parents (PIP)

  • sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
    edited December 2011
    wow! thank you for sharing this with us....really humbles me.  Thank you
  • edited December 2011
    That is beautiful. :) I wish I had a story like that to share! I am so happy for you to have seen first hand what marriage is all about!


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    What a sweet story. I wish I could say my parents are a source of inspiration in a good way. My mother practically begged my father to get married after dating for 5 years. Their marriage didn't last very long. They are more an inspiration on what not to do. I'm glad your parents could be a good role model for you.
  • MariMac84MariMac84 member
    Sixth Anniversary 500 Comments
    edited December 2011
    I'm glad you girls appreciate the story <3

    It really helps me hold back when I feel like my mom wants to take over the wedding plans sometimes. I know now it's because she didn't get to do everything she would have wanted.

    I hope they renew their vows someday, so she can have a wedding day all over again <3
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    Thank you for sharing such a lovely story with all of us, I LOVE old love --theres so much history it seems so everlasting-
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    OMG how sweet is this!!

    I think they are extremely fortunate to still be together and going strong :) You don't see that too much now a days.

    And the picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  • graceandjakegraceandjake member
    edited December 2011
    What a great post!  Thanks so much for sharing with us!
  • bears4lifebears4life member
    Seventh Anniversary 1000 Comments
    edited December 2011
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