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Knot eating posts?

I posted something last night about needing help picking out robes for my BMs and now don't see it.  Anyone?  Bueller?
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Re: Knot eating posts?

  • yeah it's acting up again today try to repost it.
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  • jcg98jcg98 member
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    I was just going to post about this.  Posts are disappearing left and right.  No word from TK Gods to the mods yet about the latest explanation.
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  • I just went on my phone to repost (since my company filters most of the companys I want to link to!) and now it's showing there.  So annoying!  I will just wait it out!
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  • rlavachrlavach member
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    Yep, they were gone all day & now they're showing for me again. It was like 1.5 days worth of posts. If they don't knock it off, this place is going to turn into a ghost town like TN. 
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