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back to square one

when my FI and i started out we wanted an old vintage stlye wedding that was more like...a party. we were thinking 150 people. well, today, i talked to my family ( who lives in miami,fl) and found out most of them will not be comming ( due to prior family vacations and children, money, etc). SO, that cuts us down to 50-70 people.

we were thinking of an out side receptions/ceremony where an indoor option is available in case of rain.

any recomendations? we looked at tyler, and loved it, but the minimum is 100.
anything and everything is welcome!!!!

thank you guys in advance!!!

Re: back to square one

  • when are you getting married?  

    i'm using bella tori in Langhorne as my group will only be approx 75 people.  it's a beautiful mansion with an outdoor space for the ceremony (and by the time i get married in 2 yrs they will have a new addition for indoor weddings to take place).

    they were a great price too - $50/pp for dinner buffet or $130/pp for served dinner - and that is on a saturday.

    Or, you could try the Moshulu down on the river.  They do small weddings as well but they are approx $140/pp for dinner (served).

    hope this helps.
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  • If you're still interested in a vintage style wedding there is a Victorian Mansion in Limerick that does weddings. The outside gardens are gorgeous for a ceremony.   It's also a B&B so some guests can stay there.  They do small weddings inside and can do large ones outside under a tent. www.shearerelegance.com
  • we were hoping for a september 2013 wedding. im getting nervous that i dont have a venue yet since a lot of dates are already being taken.

    we hope to have a small wedding here in PA and then go to miami and have a party there as well.

    does the BB require you to rent out rooms? some of BB's i had looked at did( ash mill).

    thanks so much for the suggestions! i always get help when i post here, and really appriciate it!
  • William Penn Inn is good for small! Good food, very pretty. Joseph Ambler Inn has a nostalgic vibe too.

  • I don't think you have to rent out rooms at the B&B, but you should ask.  The room rates are actually cheaper than hotels in the area and they are beautiful!  I've been there for a Christmas tour.
  • I'll ditto Wm. Penn Inn. Great staff there. Last wedding we went to there had great food. If my mom and dad hadn't ended up suddenly unemployed it's where we wd have gone, as it is we went to the Ballrooms at Boothwyn, nice, half the price. But not historic at all.
  • I've been looking at similar type venues. I attended a vintage style wedding here at Aldie Mansion a few years ago and it offered indoor and outdoor facilities. There's a stunning balcony off the mansion too. I'm going to ask for more details today. Here's the link. http://partyspace.com/bucks_county_weddings/historic_facilities/aldie_mansion Good luck!
  • Check out Colonial Dames. So adorable & unique.
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  • My aunt had her 80 person wedding at the General Warren Inn, I remember the outside garden patio to be absolutely charming and gorgeous, it would be beautiful for a vintage wedding. I do not recall the interior that well but if they could fit more that 100 I would have considered it for me wedding!
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