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Just to Let Everyone Know....

Many of the DW ladies are not able to get on the board, right now.  There is something up with TK and it makes it so you can get on all of the other boards, but not this one.  Instead you get a security error.  I know this is going on with my work computer, as well as for Jen, Lora, Samantha and others not being able to get on.  They are all itching to get on here as soon as possible and will be posting, again, as soon as they are able to.

Re: Just to Let Everyone Know....

  • I had to do a round-about way of getting on. I would get on a random main wedding board, then go to the DW on the left sidebar that listed the boards. For some reason, that allowed me to get on the DW board even though I was getting an error message when I tried to access it normally.
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