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Having second thoughts.....

We have booked Aberdeen already....but I'm having second thoughts. My friend who used them said that it will end up costing more thatn I think. I keep wondering if it would be worth it to lose my $900 deposit and book somewhere like Avalon Manor. I scheduled a visit to Avalon for this weekend.

Our budget is just so tight and FI thought our HM was already figured into the budget, but it wasn't...it was everything but that. And I know things pop up here and there that you forget about.

I don't want us to go into debt for our wedding by having to take out a loan for anything.

I just wonder if Avalon will allow you to choose items not on their menu. They have a chicken marsala dish but I don't like mushrooms, so I was thinking maybe I could see if they could do a chicken piccata dish instead.

Alright...vent over :)

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Re: Having second thoughts.....

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    I think Avalon is a much better choice.  The food is great and the service is wonderful.  I think the price is a bit more reasonable as well.  Other places that you may look into are Sand Creek in Chesterton, Strongbow in Valpo and the Radisson in Merrillville.  All are very nice as well.
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    Strongbow is cheaper. Sand creek can run up to $50 a head does not include alcohol. Aren't Avalon and Aberdeen owned by the same company... i thought they were the same price.

    My sister just went to a wedding at aberdeen and said she wasn't that impressed, but it could have been the couple.

    Anyhoo, good luck
  • topchef33topchef33 member
    edited December 2011
    We are just going to stick w/Aberdeen since I don't want to lose our deposit. And in the end the amount of $ we would save minus the lost deposit wasn't enough to justify going to Avalon. Plus we'd have to have family/friends set up our centerpieces (which we would also have to buy) since the two offered at Avalon were not my style.

    I like the food at Aberdeen over Avalon too. At Aberdeen you can rent the centerpieces and they set them up for you.

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  • amylynn121amylynn121 member
    edited December 2011
    if you try to talk to them, they may give you some cheaper price options for food. I know the avalon was willing to work with me if i had the reception there, as were many other halls. always worth a try. 
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