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FI gone for 3 weeks

I am so sad! Cry I dropped my FI off at the airport this morning. He will be gone for 3 weeks. It for training for work. I am going to miss him so much!! Just needed to share with someone!

Re: FI gone for 3 weeks

  • Sorry to hear that. I hope it goes by quickly for the two of you !

    Welcome to the board, I don't think I've ever seen your name before!
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    i have posted on the board before but it was a while ago
  • I'm sorry! It is so hard to be away from your FI. I hope that time flies by. Just think that when you see him again it will be 3 weeks closer to your wedding than now. I also believe in the old saying that "absence makes the heart grow fonder". It will be hard, but it will be ok.
  • i hope the time goes fast... i am going to try and get some wedding stuff and christmas stuff done while he is away, i hope to start posting more also!! Laughing
  • I hear ya girl! My FI is away for 3 weeks too (thankfully he'll be back this weekend). I'm sure you'll miss him but make the best of it! In the 2 weeks my guy has been gone, I've gotten a TON of DIY done and dropped a jean size! It's time for the holiday happy hour with your besties! Not to mention how very romantical it can be when you do see him again Wink

  • I'm sure there are times it will be hard, but think of all the things you can get done while he is gone to 'surpise' him with!

    Welcome back to the boards :)

  • 2 words:  Skype, lingerie Wink 
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  • I'm sorry!
    I had to live without my FI for 4 months. It is hard. But Skype is awesome. I hope you get to talk to him frequently! Just keep busy busy busy and he'll be back in no time. :)
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  • Love amber's idea! You should really do that! When I was away from my FI for a long time, he sent me a webcam, and just left them on all day. We talked to each other all the time, and even fell asleep together (is that strange?). It totally helped! Good luck! Don't be too sad!
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  • Well at least you will get him back in time for christmas!
  • My FI is gone for 3 weeks too! We are used to long distance and this is a quick time apart for us. But it always stinks. :( Hope it goes by fast for you guys!
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