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Your bios are amazing and have helped me a lot :)  I bought a maggie dress (dakota without the jacket) similar to yours  and I'm freaking out that I may be over dressed compared to FI.  We're getting married on the beach and FI wants to wear white slacks and a white dress button down shirt.  I'm debating on making my dad buy an all white outfit (that he can take back after) when I get my dress and making him stand next to me to get the visual! Haha, I sound crazy right now saying that, but I'm just worried WD will come and I won't be happy being over dressed.  FI says he'll wear a tie if I think he won't be dressed up enough, but that's not what we wanted to begin with.  Have you guys figured out what your FI is wearing yet? TIA

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  • AKWinterBrideAKWinterBride
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    Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but I have a formal dress for our ocean-side wedding as well.  We decided to just go with black suits for the guys.  They only have to wear the jackets during the cermony which will be really short and then they can take off their jackets & roll up their sleeves for the rest of the time.  I just love the formality of a black suit, I think it makes everything look a little more polished and wedding-y. 

    I am going to have my FI in a turquoise tie, our groomsmen in purple ties, and I will have to figure out something special for the Dads cause I don't think they want our third color (hot pink) for their ties!   

    But, either way you do it will be gorgeous - whether more casual or more formal, your wedding will be perfect! 
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    Aww, thanks! I had been stalking the boards forever--even before I got engaged.  So, I knew that I wanted to "give back" in my bios.

    I think it depends on the mood you want to set for your wedding.  The bride is going to look "overdressed" compared to anyone anyway, right? I mean, that's the point...to absolutely shine :) 

    We're aiming for a semi-formal wedding for 50 ppl.  FI is wearing a black shirt, black pants, black vest, black dress shoes and an ivory ties to match my dress.  GM are wearing similar clothes except for a white shirt and a coral tie to match BM's bouquets.  We decided we wanted the whole event to be more formal. The tie and dress shoes evolved from slacks flip-flops and shirt.  But, FI had already decided that he wanted to wear a vest, so that kinda up'd the formality and ruled out the possibility of flip-flops :)

    I just saw the other day a siggy picture of a bride in a beautiful white dress and her FI in white (khaki) slacks and shirt.  I think they look wonderful together, and it still is a more casual vibe from just what the groom is wearing.  

    I HTH, this was a tricky one for us too! 

  • sld0618sld0618
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    Okay thanks!  I think what I've decided is that instead of rolling his sleeves up, he'll keep the sleeves down and I'm going to give him crystal cuff links to dress him up a little!  My freak out is over :)  I saw on the other post that you sister's name is Makena and she is 13.  My sister is 14.  Too Funny!!! She spells her name Mckenna though.
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