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Did everyone have a good holiday?

Not much around our house- food, a trip to Big Lots, cleaning, new bank accounts (a free $100), and Christmas decorations.  Not much at all. 

Cute story- I have a Santa on the floor that is the same height as 6let.  6let keeps walking over to it, pointing, and yelling at it.  Then he gets mad, shakes his head, and walks away. 

Re: Morning!

  • Oh yeah, this is my last full week.  And my boss isn't here.  Yippeee!!!
  • Morning. Thanksgiving was good, but overall the weekend could have been better.
  • Hola ladies! Thanksgiving was good, someone brought pomegranate martini to the dinner- probably the highlight of my evening. My younger cousin (I think shes about 12 or 13) made the seating chart for dinner (its a pretty big gathering) and she put DH and I at the kids table while she sat with my parents and aunts/uncles. Oh well, the martinis helped.

    I had to work Friday and Saturday, so nothing exciting there.

    Yesterday we went to church and finished putting up the outside decorations and some inside decorations. We just need a tree, DH really wants a real tree, I really want to not clean up after it.
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  • How did that fly with the adults, JessJO?  Weird.

    The Holiday weekend was long and not restful.  We put up decorations and I must say our house is one of the best on the block.  I also had a moment where I wanted to light my christmas tree, but I think that happens nearly every year.  :)

    Other than that, some shopping, good deals and family drama.  Whee.
  • Many of the people at the adult table were old and slightly senile, they probably didnt even notice we werent there. We were even in a different room. DH and I didn't want to make a deal out of it, we ate quickly and went back to hit the martinis.
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