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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Post wedding blues!!

I just got maaried last Saturday (October 6) and have been feeling a little down ever since.I have read that it is normal to get the blues after the wedding day but I didnt think I would feel this way. My sadness is mainly about the little regrets I have about the wedding. First of all I dont remember much of it. I feel like it is all a blur! I do remember that I didnt take many pictures at the reception and that I didnt even spend much time with my husband. We didnt even get pictures in the photobooth together. I also regret not mingling with my familiy more or taking pictures with them. It just all went by so fast and I didnt think about it at the time.
If only I had time to slow down and take it all in.

Everytime I think about these things I want to cry! Does anyone else have similar feelings??

Re: Post wedding blues!!

  • This is incredibly common. Scroll down this forum for some comfort.. you'll see a lot of posts similar to yours (in fact, there is one just two down from yours). 

    It'll fade. 
  • I felt the EXACT same way after my wedding in June. I felt like my reception absolutely flew by. I remember feeling like I didn't get to talk to hardly anyone and I was really disappointed. Even though my night was amazing, I felt like it went by so fast that I hardly remember it. Those feelings do fade. Those negative feelings really started to diminish when I got my wedding pics back and saw that people did seem to be enjoying themselves. And H and I looked so happy. Sorry you're bummed, but you're not alone.
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    One's own wedding is kind of like visiting a theme park: There's way more that you could be doing than that you can actually do, so there will always be awesome things you didn't do. But hopefully you got a lot of quality time in with other things, whatever those things were.
  • I got married 2 weeks ago and felt exactly like this until yesterday. It took the full 2 weeks for the daze to pass and to stop being upset that I hardly remember a thing. I am currently stalking my photographer's blog waiting for her to post our sneak peak. I'm sure when I see more pictures it will help. Also being around a lot of people last night that were at our wedding helped a lot. Everyone kept saying what a blast it was and I finally started believing them.
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  • Wedding photos totally help! I don't remember much of my wedding day (and I was bawling for almost half of it!), but seeing all the photos made me realize that I'd gotten exactly what I wanted. I was reminded of how great it was to have my family and friends all around me. And now, of course, I get to go home to my husband every night, and that just rocks!
  • omg I could have written most of these posts myself! My wedding was Sept 15 and while it was wonderful and exactly what I wanted, I too don't remember a whole lot and it felt like a blur! I too have my little regrets, people I didn't feel like I got to talk to enough and pictures not taken. It has really depressed me the past couple of weeks. I had the honeymoon to take my mind off of it for a while but then it came on in full force. I never thought I'd be like this! I have not gotten my pictures yet and hope they'll make me feel better, which i really think they will. Everyone told us they had a good time and I think they did.
    And I also spent a lot of the time mingling without my new husband! We hung our more at the after party but I think we were both just so excited to have all our friends and family together! We would check in with each other every once in a while and made sure to dance to the songs we wanted to together. I think a lot of that has to do with how you are in life too, we have been together for so long and are 30 and don't feel the need to do everything together. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  • I had the post wedding depression after my wedding in June, that lasted for a few months. I felt like I spent a whole year of planning for one day, that was over in a flash! It was an amazing day, and me and my husband had the time of our lives, but after the wedding I kind of felt like: Ok, now what? But as time went on I realized that we can focus on building our life together. While the wedding will be a great memory and something we will never forget, it is planning our life together that is most important. That really helped me get through the post wedding blues.
  • Thanks guys for the reassurance!! I have heard that it is very normal but I still hate the feeling. I am ok for the most part now. I got back a weding trailer from the videographer, so that helped! I try not to think about the negative too much. Everyone has told my husband and I that the wedding was beautiful and that I did a great job planning! So we didnt spend that much time together at the wedidng...we have the rest of our lives!!!
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