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Planning Panic

I need advice.

My BF and I are currently sort of pseudo-engaged. We've had "the talk" and I know that he's currently in the process of buying a ring. I'm expecting an official proposal within the next few weeks. Since we've been together for 6 years, it's really not one of those "I'm going to completely surprise you" engagements, it's more of a pre-meditated mutual decision.

The problem is, the date that we both REALLY want is only a less than a year away and I'm starting to freak out about not being able to find a venue.

We're both huge nerds, so we thought 10-10-10 would be an adorable and geekishly appropriate wedding date. Plus, it's really close to the anniversary of when we began dating. We talked about this back in October, but it's almost January and he's still finalizing the details on the e-ring and proposal. And I really don't want to start officially planning until the engagement is official.

Since 10-10-10 is a popular date, does anyone have any suggestions for possible venues that might have that open? Is anyone else planning a wedding on that day that might have some idea of what I'm up against? I was hoping that it being a Sunday would help, but from what I've seen so far, I don't think it's going to help much Frown

Re: Planning Panic

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    Do you have any ideas on where (venues)you want to get married and have your reception?  If so send an email and start gathering information.  If you know the ring is coming and he's okay that you start doing some pre-planning start looking for venues.  I just wouldn't make any deposits until you're officially engaged but you don't need a ring to start planning as long as you both know the engagement is going to happen!  Good luck Laughing
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    Just like PP said, instead of focusing on the date, I would start looking at venues that interest you and do some simple email inquiries. Get menus, rental info, etc. (No one needs to know it's not yet official.) Once you're officially engaged, ask if 10-10-10 is available (you could ask now, but your date could fill between now and when your boyfriend proposes, so don't set your heart on anything).

    I knew for months that an engagement was looming, so I did my homework ahead of time. It wasn't "planning" per se... it was just being prepapred and gathering info! Wink Once it was official (the ring took two months to come in) we started making venue decisions.
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    The venue really is what locks in your date. I had a totally different date at first, and then my venue didn't have that available. So I took a date in June. Good luck.
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    Technically you don't have to have a ring to be engaged, just a commitment/promise to each other that you'd like to be married, a la Sex and the City.  The ring is just a formality.  If you've decided to get married, you're engaged.  But either way, as PPs have mentioned, you can start checking out venues and see what places are available on 10-10-10.  Sep/Oct are becoming increasingly popular as weddings are concerned, and most places book a year+ out, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of dates are gone at popular venues in Oct/10-10-10.  You could try finding lesser known places to get married/have your reception, or you might have to switch to another date.  GL
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    I agree with pp that suggested that, if you and FI are comfortable with it, to start emailing venues to get a feel of what might still be open. October is getting to be a popular month for weddings, but since you're thinking about getting married on a Sunday I think that should really open up your options. 10-10-10 may still be a popular date, but I think that since it is a Sunday you definitely still should have plenty of hope :)
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    Yeah, originally I had my heart set on somewhere super cute and trendy like 413 on Wacouta, but have since re-focused my sites on something a little less popular. I was thinking the Chalet at Elm Creek Reserve in Maple Grove. It's fairly cute, and I don't think there are many weddings there. I am going to try to exhaust all possible venue options before giving up the date.

    I'd be fine with anything that doesn't have ugly carpet or dropped ceilings with hideous drywall tiles.
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    I am getting married on Oct 9th so I do have to say I am partial to that weekend :) but I would honestly just start emailing and calling vendors. That will give you a really good idea of what you are up against. I would say since it is a Sun you have a better chance and even if you dont get your first choice there are really a ton on wedding vendors out there. Then at that point you have to decide if the venue you want or the date you want is more important - you are getting married either way but that way you can prioritize. I would say you should be fine...just may have to look a bit which it sounds like you are willing to do. GL and keep us posted!

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    If you know thats the date you want, I would start looking and contacting people now... I know I was looking at Elm Creek at first (well, several of 3 Rivers locations) and a lot of them were already booked about a year out (though this was for a friday in next August, and I was looking last Aug/sept).

    Our dream venue (an awesome boxing gym in NE mpls) would be perfect for a Sunday wedding because they are closed on Sundays, so there is no having to work around them being open as a boxing gym, which was the biggest problem we had with them, since we wanted a friday. - if you are interested : http://www.uppercutgym.com/

    Good luck. And even though you think you won't be surprised, you never know what he's capable of!

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