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xp: Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

I'm throwing a bachelorett party in Vegas for my friend that is getting married in March. We already have a hotel, but I have never been to Vegas and have no idea what we should plan while we are there. We'll be there from a Friday to a Sunday and are it looks like about 8 people will be attending. 


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    I don't know how much money each person is willing to spend but you can do Cirque De Soleil (About $100 PP) KA is their normal show and Zumanity is a burlesque style show.  There are all male revues. has a big selection of things to do. HTH
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    I'm going there for mine as well!!  Check out "Thunder from Down Under"  It's great and not in the least trashy!! It's a type of male strip tease in the Vegas Show sense.  I's only about $40 a person!  Have a great time!!
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    There's also a Chippendales show at the Rio.

    There are definitely nice clubs are restaurants, too. Each hotel has at least one *really* nice restaurant where the food is bound to be pretty good.

    Teh Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has a pool club where you can go party by the pool all day. It's the nicest pool in Vegas!
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    We are going to Vegas for my friend's bachelorette party in March. I am thinking of scheduling a pole dancing class. I am worried people won't want to spend the extra money, since it is costing us $300/person to go there.
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