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Nevada-Las Vegas

February 29th ~ Leap Year Bride!

Just boasting, we made the last payment and arrangement - Glamsquad - today. I'm STOKED to have that off my plate now!

We're getting married at COF on 2/29... 4 weeks away!

2 weeks after the engagement and beginning the wedding planning process, I was laid off. We've worked, and been successful so far, at my not having to get back to work right away, if at all. As such, my (virtually) "unlimited" budget in September went to <$1000, and I managed to work numbers to meet the goal, and here we are.

Our final guest headcount is still unknown, but should be done in the next week or so, and then we'll decide where to go for dinner after the ceremony (Currently estimated at 14, I think it will be closer to 10.) A large number of our family is (was) employed by a mill that closed before Christmas, so a lot of them are scraping pennies like us and could not spare the expense to come to Vegas. For this, we're glad we opted for a chapel with webcast of the ceremony. Smile

Relieved to be done!  Go me!

Re: February 29th ~ Leap Year Bride!

  • Congrats!  It'll be here before you know it!   Where are ya'll hosting the reception at?  :D
  • Congrats! Not long to go! :) I would have loved the leap year date but didnt realise it was a leap yr til Id booked! :s Hope you have a fab day xx
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  • Thanks :)

    No reception, just taking our guests to post-ceremony dinner somewhere (TBD). 
  • Awesome for you! Congratulations! What a unique date!
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  • buffets are nice and affordable. have you talked to the chapel about options? we are getting married there in 23 days. they booked us a lunch reception at pampas (brazilian grill) for $30 a person with tax, gratuity and non alcoholic beverages. they and freeds bakery also offer wedding cakes that are budget friendly.
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  • On our short list: Gilley's (BBQ), Deeck's Last Resort (Burgers and seafood) and JB Margaritaville (Burgers). 

    I did see Pampas - it sounds yummy and it's in the budget, and I like the food service style, but we're looking for somewhere where we can get a little rowdy (because it WILL happen, that's how we roll). It's a really low key, casual affair for us - more than half of our group has NOT been to Vegas before and may not even be with us long enough to have dinner, I think they're all going to shows or something. I think we're going to end up deciding on the fly.

    Pampas may be where sweetums and I might have dinner the night before the ceremony, it may be our one and only chance to have a quiet meal together before the rest of the week's festivities get under way. Who knows - it's Vegas, it rarely goes as planned!

    edit: TK won't let me put the word "d*ck" in here. Haahah!!
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    Yay!! We are date twins :) I'm a leap year bride too!! And can't believe that it's only 4 weeks to go! Congrats on getting your last payment done! What a monkey off your back :)
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