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Two months to go!

The problem I am having is this. For over a year and a half, I've planned our wedding. We are both originally from Ohio, but moved to Indiana, and planning on marrying in Tennessee. I wanted a special, secluded, intimate destination wedding. My late father loved TN, so naturally I dreamt of this beautiful place if it so existed, turned out, an English rose garden called Rosewood Gardens. For as long as we have chosen this place, I've also chosen my mother to accompany me towards my awaiting groom, Bryon.  The problem is this, my only brother has expressed his views, he's asked/ rather stated that he wants to walk with me. He just told me yesterday that it is his place to walk me. The problem lies between what he is feeling and what I am wanting. When I first closed my eyes, I always envisioned my father walking with me, then I started to see that YES I could get married without my father being physically present, because I know he is going to be there with me in spirit. Then, I felt comfort with my mother, and I accepted that she would walk next to me, she represents my childhood, my beginnings, me before him and I. I don't want to hurt my brother, but I truly cannot see him walking with me, only my mom. I thought of him walking a short distance, but not sure... Help if any suggestions. Tracey
Tracey R. Bailey

Re: Two months to go!

  • I'm sure if you explain to him exactly what you wrote here, he would understand.  Have you considered asking him to be your honor attendant?  I think this is also a very meaningful role in the wedding that may work for the both of you.
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  • Thank you. I did talk to him yesterday. I also talked to my mom. I'm going to let everyone know what I do...

    Tracey R. Bailey
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