Wedding Woes

I'm falling apart.

Lately I've been having a lot of trouble with the computer.  Like, if I spend too much time working at it, I get a headache, my vision starts getting burry, and I get really queasy.  The "too much time" that it takes for this to happen has been getting oncreasingly short, and the amount of time away from the computer it takes to feel better is getting longer.  I've taken to wearing sunglasses while working at the computer, and I know i look ridiculous, but this seems to be working as a preventative measure.  What's going on here?  Am I turning into a star-nosed mole?

And my left hip flexor hurts like hell.  That's unrelated, of course, but still annoying.

Re: I'm falling apart.

  • Rigor mortis. Maybe bacterial meningitis or Ebola. HTH!
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  • Maybe you could go to this newfangled things called a doctor?  They're really amazing.  ;)
  • you learn to rock the sunglasses computer thing in time, FWIW :)
    (alhtough don't get one of the filter-thingies for privacy.  They're polarized and suddenly you have to tilt your head like a cocker spaniel to be able to see the screen when you're wearing sunglasses, to many polarized filters)
  • They make specific "computer glasses" that are designed to reduce eyestrain.  Search for them on Amazon.
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