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Morning! Happy Hump Day!

It's the middle of the week and it's almost the weekend!  Yay!! 

I am going to do nothing but RELAX today... the past couple of days I've been baking my butt off or up to my neck in chocolate.... NOT TODAY!!  It's all about taking it easy for me!!

I am, however, going to meet the hubby for lunch!  The highlight of my day.  (I get to go shopping while I'm out there!!  I ♥ Target)

Have a good Hump Day ladies!!!



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Re: Morning! Happy Hump Day!

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    Good Morning! I need to get ready for another day at work but I'm slacking.

    TMI - I want to get a wax but I hate growing out hair. Need 1/2 an inch. GROSS!

    Anywhoodle! Have a great day ladies! :)
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  • Happy Hump Day!

    I'm excited because I'm only 3 days away from going dress shopping. Yayyyy!

    Have a great one ladies!

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  • Hey ladies!  Busy day at work today!  Blah!  Another day, another dollar!

  • Happy Wednesday!

    I will be at home today with my 3 yr old stepdaughter, we decided we wanted to bake all day! Should be some good food and lots of fun!

    Have a great day!
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  • Good morning ladies. Today didn't start out so happy because FI and I got in a stupid spat last night (over me trying to kill a big spider for him, and then me missing it and it running away and being on the loose in our bedroom, and me gettting mad at him for getting mad at me for letting it get away....yeah) so we went to bed upset AND both on the couch because of the spider on the loose in the BR. Needless to say, not feeling really rested!

    But things are looking up. I texted him to tell him I think it's just pre-wedding nerves that are the source of these spats so I feel better already having recognized it. Plus, our landlord just called to say that we can take $150 off our rent because FI hacked down a bunch of weeds along our driveway after the landlord said he'd have it done and didn't. That boost to our budget will be majorly helpful this month.

    Happy hump day to you all!
  • I am here...I am just trying to limit the time I spend on this site at my office computer!  Don't want to get in trouble ya know!

    Hope you all have a great day!  The weekend can't come soon enough!
  • Trying to work....not very motivated.  Not really that excited to be reviewing other peoples' loan files.  It's FI's birthday today and I can't be with him because I'm out of town....again.  He says he doesn't care, but I can tell he does.  Stupid job.  Anywho...I get to go home tomorrow, so I am thinking I will take him out to dinner and such then.  Can't wait!!!
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  • Happy Hump Day! Just trying to get through the week...nothing exciting going on at all. How boring! LOL

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  • Morning ladies! I'm so glad it's almost the weekend. Have a late night at work today, but when I get home I know my FI will be there and that definitely puts a smile on my face.

    I slept horribly last night, so I skipped class today to make up some sleep! It was so nice to sleep in!
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